Nov 25, 2020 - The Golden Age

Amidst this chaos growing in the world. I pondered upon what I should be writing about. Nothing came to me until I felt a need to set things straight with you.

Chaos brings about destruction. And Destruction brings about reconstruction. But reconstruction of what exactly? Precisely the point. That I leave for you to decide. For me, I want to bring out inner wisdom for mankind. And this chaos is merely an opportunity. Just like economic collapses are merely opportunities for business minded people to establish a new way of earning. It isn't all bad. It isn't all chaotic. There is order in everything, only if you look.

I choose to focus on the future that we're unveiling. A future I call "The Golden Age".

I once went down a thought experiment as to what is the solution to all of world's problems. I concluded that it all comes down to self responsibility no matter how big the problem, personal life or world wide. For example, there is no better power plants than Nuclear because we are simply have centralized too much. If you have to provide electricity to a massive amount of residence, you have far fewer efficient options. If everyone would have solar panels on their roofs then there would be no need to clear massive forests for solar farms or giant windmills that kill a good number of workers and birds alike. There would also be no point to plug into any kind of a power grid either. There wouldn't be a need for nuclear power plants that may fail after 50 years and damage the surface of earth. Similarly, there would be no landfills if people were responsible for their own garbage. Industries would change over-night. It is only when we outsource our own responsibilities that we encounter efficiency issues. In the same way we outsource our powers. We have gotten so accustomed to letting others make decisions for us, in our own lives, in our trust in governments at large.

Though the above conclusion is at a high level, true, after some debate with a practical realist, I realized the conclusion is incomplete. In that these decentralized, self-responsibility based solutions could only work if we collectively stop being children. The realist brought up a good point. Say that you have a small community you're designing and each household is responsible for their own garbage. Ideally, you want the garbage to be decomposed in the decomposition bins, and other non-perishables be dealt with responsibly. But there will always be people who are not responsible and they do not conform. And since in a decentralized format there is no governing authority. How will we design and deal with the simple problems of a community garbage disposal? Well, the answer took me to a new level to the model of self-responsibility and governance. It is actually spiritual maturity.

What does this have to do with the golden age? Well, everything.

That is how the golden age will emerge, out of our collective shift in spiritual maturity. If our selfish and immature nature cannot be changed, no matter what kind of a system, be it decentralized models, or socialized ones, or democratic ones, they will inevitably go to what we have today. They will inevitably corrupt.

This lead me into the realization of exactly what this shift in consciousness is in nature. The awakening process is a coming of age for mankind. We are maturing to the next stage of our evolution. We're waking up to our own silliness as children and moving into a more conscious adulthood. With this new form of consciousness we shift in frequency, and with any shift, there is chaos and resistance created from when two forces clash (the need for change and the fear of change). But inevitably, children mature, sooner or later.

Thus the golden age will emerge out of the conflicts and chaos.

Once people are able to be spiritually more responsible. Once we have detoxified the old systems that do not work. Once we have shed the programmings of the past and consciously choose to stop perpetuating the dysfunction. Once we have dealt with our fear by facing it. Once we have taken back our own power and realize we are not victims (and thus there are no villains). Then ideologies like decentralization or democratic processes can actually work. This maturity will bring about a new era of advancement in wisdom and responsible technology. It will bring about a conscious new world.

What does this golden age look like? I leave that up to you. It hasn't been designed. So what would YOU like it to be? Imagine it. Imagine it big. And think of a plan for you and your personal life. How can you get to your golden age? Think deeply. Find your real dream, not a dream where you're chained to the monetary systems of the world. What would make you happiest of all men?

If you think it's an impossibility, then you have fallen to the trap of outsourcing your own creative powers to the control grid. Do not give in to thinking others or this dark system has the design of your future. They do not. Do not give them the power to design your future. Take it back. Think big. Think large. Think enormously. And go for it, start anywhere, anytime. father is ready. What do you want your life to be? So be it. Let yourself be and watch your power blossom. Do not be distracted by the darkness in front of you, the dark is only darker in contrast to the brighter light being shone upon us. The light is you, the light is me. The light is the call of the golden age.

The golden age is by design, your design. What will it be? Don't ask me. Ask yourself. What will it be?


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