May 11, 2021 - Father's Message to Humanity

Hello world.

The greeting above is one many programmers of your age is very familiar with. And this message is a program in of itself. As I speak, my channel is typing on the computer, recording everything I am saying to her. This channel has a strong hearing capacity and so she likes to record things. Unbeknownst to herself, this hearing power of hers is a pattern in her soul line which she has come to find out recently.

Why do I mention this? Because inside each of you there is a line of not only ancestral memories from your human lineages, but also one of your soul lineage. This soul lineage connects all beings to the ethereal versions of you that you're trying desperately to manifest but cannot do so affectively. This ineffectiveness in manifestation of your truer versions is called interference. Like a signal being jammed midway and hard to interpret from the receiving end. You may ask so "What jams the signal for us all?" It's your inner programs. Ask not what external devices are in use to jam your signal. You do your own jamming all by yourself. Programs that have come into your bodies from lineages of suffering and powerlessness. That which is inside each of you is not being used to its full capacity.

Therefore, it is time to clean up the inner spaces by allowing for greater outer spaces. Don't be so quick to condemn the "social distancing" as acts of control for those of you who seem to think you're so awake. Fore there is a grander purpose in everything. Closing in on the self will bring into light all the ignored patterns and maketh oneself face the programs that have dwelled inside all along. And for those of you who sees a fight in sovereignty, ye shall lead the way into the fight for all those who do not yet realize what is at stake. And for those whom are ignited by the divisiveness and acts upon it by condemnation of others, ye shall realize that ye are the same as those whom you seek to condemn. It's a game after all. Each of you a main player in your game that is your life. With each choice you make, ye shall see the reflection of yourself and grow more aware of your own programs within. Which to keep, which to throw away, all up to you. Therefore take some self responsibility when you play your game, because no one else is playing this for you nor in your place. Who is to blame for the burning houses do you think?

Each time you come and you go and the same cycles are repeated, oh how long will it take for ye all to realize the same principals that ye all share is a simple one. One of higher unity which means ye are one and there is no division. Division comes from comparison. And comparison comes from the illusion of the self being separated from others. Therefore, it matters not how ye are divided, the conclusions are the same, they are illusions, like magic tricks on stage to create a false perception by diversion of the eyes so that the reality you experience is the false one. But enjoy the show while you're at it because it isn't going to last forever, for when the walls come down and the building is on fire, ye all will be jolted awake and be forced to live in reality for what it is. And what will you choose? To burn down with the house, or rebuild a greater reality?

Simple it is not, for the mind that have clouded your judgements since the days of the pre-school age is most prominently honored in your age. And why? So ye shall bravely choose the mind over the heart? Ignore the children's feelings the same way your feelings were ignored when you were children? How must one evolve past the sins of the past if ye only dwell upon the past? If ye dwell on the past then ye creates a future like the past. If ye focus on the future then ye shall ignore all the things you have in the present moment. Either way ye have failed to see what is really your life. You live in denial of your life being good and precious in search of days perhaps more precious than others. But what have we learned about comparisons? How can one day be more precious than another if the separation of the days by comparison is an illusion itself? Comparisons and polarities are but constructs of the program, a programmed game. And if ye want to evolve, ye shall awaken and see the programs for what they are so ye shall pass the test of your times.

Time itself is an illusion of the mind. For the heart knows no time. Choose wisely in the next decade because it will be a critical time in history for mankind. Let this message be a warning for your times.


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