Oct 1, 2020 - The Year 2020

The year started with a planted Boogieman. It was very obviously just another boogieman from the control grid to those in the process of de-programming from the fear based system. So I followed the money trails and sure enough, of course it’s the Gates people. The usual suspects of the globalists to lay down the trap to install the next set of control mechanisms in the system.

Why don’t people learn from history, I often wonder. Well, that’s a stupid question actually. Since by the time people reach the age to be taught history in depth in the school systems they already hate learning (by design). That and the system don’t teach anything other than dates of battles and the names of the front men. History is taught like trivia, as if history is a series of random events and it only matters that you know the names, places and dates for the tests so you can get a good score so as not be punished by the consequences of not having a good test score. No one is teaching real history. No one bothers to ask who funded Hitler. But then again, no subject in these uneducated systems are taught correctly.

But I digress. 2020 started with a fake pandemic that has 2 possibilities. 1, either they release some patented corona virus that has a very low kill rate, or 2, there is no virus. Both are likely though I tend to favor the latter. Seeing as how the diagnosis started with looking at X-rays, then evolved into the PCR test, which to those without any research into this, think it’s some kind of exact DNA matching test. It isn’t. People watch too much propagandized TV shows. The PCR test kit is simply a product. And beyond that it’s a fraud. On the test kit itself says this test is not for diagnosis of diseases. It’s a flip of a coin whether you will get tested positive. The test tests for a bodily reaction with exosomes that could occur in numerous ways. Not for some exact match of some viral RNA. That test doesn’t exist. And even if it does, the sars-covid-2 has majority of its genetics computer modeled, not genetically sequenced. Just look at the 4 original studies that supposedly identified it. They didn’t. Nor did they claim they did. For more information on this try to find Dr. Andrew Kaufman and find out why this scientist was censored heavily (don't people care about science or the different aspects, after all).

But that isn’t even the main reason I consider this whole thing a fraud. People have long been misinformed on health and was never taught real health knowledge. Leaving people to fear viruses and bacteria. And no wonder, the pharmaceutical industry favors germ theory since if you can blame a dis-ease on a virus or bacteria, you can always make a drug to treat or "prevent" it. Such a lucrative business model. Almost genius. Never mind the human body evolved to adapt and interact with its environment. And never mind diet, lifestyle, exercise, or mental and emotional health. Surely if one gets sick then it's either genetics, broken parts due to over-use, or some foreign bodily invader. People know nothing of how their body actually function, just like they know nothing of history. Majority had never even heard of terrain theory or anything else. Majority of people see their body as some machine you can freely exchange parts in and out and think each part somehow functions on its own. And this body machine does not have interaction with its own environment. What a dumb machine they made out body ought to be. Absurd. No one sees a system as a system anymore. As if your knees went bad all in its own. So I ask you this, if your heart stops, does your knee live on? So why do you think the root cause of all your issues are isolated events?

Continuing on with our 2020 boogieman story. Subsequently, the governments of the world reacted in the same ways, but what baffles me most is how people don’t see this being alarming. How can individual and sovereign countries act exactly the same? If you pick out 100 people on the street and have them the solve the same problem they will come up with 100 different solutions. So how can nations act accordingly to a single plan? How can there be a single standard? Oh, but questioning things in this age is labeled as “conspiracy theories”. Because that CIA term that came from JFK days is exactly there to prevent people from critically thinking.

People have gotten so used to standardization and centralization they started to think it’s only natural the whole world react the same way to one “scientific” standard, but fail to see how having a “scientific standard” is the most unscientific things to do. Or simply “the science is settled” is the most unscientific phrase. Or thinking there is a single set of scientific theory agreed upon by all intellectuals that are supposedly scientists without there being any forced consensus. (Have you ever tried to sit down with a group of doctorate degree people and throw any single subject in and see how hard it is to make just a small group of them agree on anything?) People’s view of science is extremely out of touch with reality. And this also is a genius design by the control grid.

What is the control grid? It all starts with a hierarchical ideology that exploits the hierarchical nature of animals, us. Instead of a hierarchy based on responsibility for the tribe, and leaders in each area of expertise be selected based on strength, trait, personality, and wisdom, the ideology turned human society into layers of hierarchical classes. Each level higher has more societal game power and "material wealth" that insures better survival and better quality of life. And each layer up has fewer people in it thus creating a scarcity. The average physical strength, wisdom, experience, and intelligence of the layers are not significantly different. Instead, traits that are more competition based (thus having a tendency to be more sociopathic in trait) are favored in order to be a winner of the class game.

And having paved the game to be a game to gain your class in society by defeating the next person in line, it turned the human game into a fear based, competitive game instead of a cooperative game for a common goal to approach wisdom. That structure of society and the structure of games in that society eventually became a control grid of mankind in all aspects. Humans are now taught what to think by their "authorities" and now television. And what is deemed “news” by the "authority figures" on news channels. Taught they are powerless and their only source of power is to elect or have a great ruler/government. It inverted the purpose of government from an agreed upon entity to serve the community interests to a coercive fear based violent entity that capitalizes on enforced "service fees". And since people feel powerless they fear the consequences of not playing by the game rules and paying the fees even though they inherently know for a fact that they do not agree with nor do they have a say as to how that money is spent, and they also inherently know governments are corrupt. Yet, people do nothing about this fact.

Maybe a better analogy is one that was given to me by “Father” (source, God, Mother, whichever name that resonates with you, I refer to the universal consciousness that we are all a part of as “father” purely out of my own personal preference and what I feel most comfortable.) In Father’s example, there’s a huge playground full of all kinds of kids and the ground is filled full with sand free for kids to build their sand castles. But a group of bad kids have built their giant, scary looking sand castles and started to bully other kids into complying with the rules of their games. And now most kids choose to play the bully’s games and obey their rules. So father asked, “Why is it that you think you need to play by their rules? Oh, why do you obey?” The fact is the playground is huge and people can choose to play elsewhere and also choose to stand up to the bullies. The only reason bullies have power is when the other kids think they’re powerless.

So in essence what’s starting to happen from 2020 onward is the climax of our story. The kids have long gotten tired of the bullies but they haven't done much to fight back. Bullies see there is a chance the kids are wanting to fight back or go elsewhere to play. The bullies on the playground is stepping over the line now by enforcing more ridiculous game rules and it’s up to all the other kids whether they give in and play the part of slave to the bullies, or simply decide to walk away, or deciding to fight back. In between this, since the kids that are bullied have had enough, they have anger and resentment built up they know not where to channel, so the bullies are pointing fingers and pitching the kids against one another as a diversion to keep all the bullied kids distracted from the real issue with the bullying. Bullied kids feel like victims, so they go out trying to find the perpetrator and express blame to those being pointed the fingers. The victims feel they have no part in their own suffering, But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, unless the bullied stop playing the victim and start taking back their own power, society is likely to get worse. But John is here to tell you that we are not going to let the control grid win. And that is all there is to it. Father’s children are not slaves by nature, the balance has tipped long enough for there to be a massive retaliation coming. A peaceful and seamless retaliation we hope, but retaliation by any means necessary nonetheless. Let this be a warning to the bullies in this beautiful earth playground that father has had enough of the suffering here. Like all parents, father suffers when his children suffer.

Overall the year 2020 is just a start of what will become the great awakening. And like any heroic story, it usually starts out with a very tough villain and some dark times before the battle is won and the hero learns their lesson.

We will go into more details as we go forward. I feel like I have let my ego vent here enough for this journal one entry. We will talk about the playground and sand box analogy more in depth in a future journal. For now John leaves you with just the above to digest.

Until next time, kids.

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