Sep 25, 2020 - When I found John

On that fateful day when I found John, it was shocking, to say the least. Having mostly been exposed to Buddhism from the eastern media and was taught to be an atheist since childhood, never having read the Bible, never had a desire to, in fact I am a Taoist now, you may be able to imagine how surprised I might have been to find out my past life being John the Apostle. In fact, I had to do a google search for him, and read a simple Wikipedia Bio on the Apostle John to learn that he wrote part of the Bible.

How could I be John? The first person to question whether or not I am insane is always me. For doubt in the human mind is truly a beast to battle. So I stopped battling and sat quietly and listened.

Thus begin my journey after being "awakened".

Funny how there are layers and dimensions of being awake. I'd always considered myself "awake" in past points in time, but came to realize, hind sight, I was ignorant in those times. And probability dictates I still have much more to learn.

And It's no surprise. At any point in time your perception should never be that you know the complete truth. Because if you think so, you will stand still while the universe evolves at unthinkable speeds, or worse, be easily exploited by those with a high degree of self interest. Wisdom, after all, is the point of having multiple incarnations over and over again. We are here to learn by doing. Just as a fractal fact that we teach our children to learn by doing, over and over again because practice makes perfect. There is no difference, and it's certainly no coincidence.

Believing in coincidence in an incredibly orderly universe is simply a narrow minded, linear, and projected view of humans confined by our limited senses that can perceive in a limited dimension where we are being hosted.

When I first learned programming in college I learned that a program languages generate a supposed "random number" out of some pre-determined set of numbers that is not relative enough to anything else it may be used for, to fake a "random number". No matter how hard we try, we can never produce a true "random" number in the mathematics of this universe, and thus there is no true "random" events. It can simply be far too complex or far-removed enough that we're ignorant of its pattern, but nevertheless, a pattern exists. This isn't hard to grasp when one sits outside and gaze at nature and notice the incredible amount of order that exists in the pattern of plants and animals, their behavior that are all part of a vast system that is our ecosystem. Thus we can deduce the highly orderly ecosystem we are a part of was never randomly generated. It could not have been. To say that chaos makes order is wrong. It is astronomically wrong.

Thus, I started thinking about how incredibly complex and, above all orderly, the universe is constructed. So begin my lines of questions that eventually, lead me out of Atheism. That isn't to say I am a dogmatic religious person. Quite the contrary. I am still the same mind, on a quest of discovering the truths, and the nature of reality - the layers and dimensions of wisdom in this incredibly orderly and complex universe.

Fast forward on my lines of thinking through years of research, rabbit hole diving, logical deduction, and observing patterns in all the subjects, I have come to understand that the "physical" universe is a manifestation of energy manipulation of a multi-dimensional field of consciousness, and this universal field of consciousness that makes up everything and that is everything is often what scriptures try to describe as "God" in symbolic terms. Of course the connotation of the word "God" varies and it's easily mis-interpreted and easily mis-represented (on purpose or not) since symbolism can be interpreted in different ways by different people or culture. Adding to it cunning people who uses the word God to control others does not help the connotation of the word any in modern days where our culture seem to value reason and rationality more than inference.

Think this way, trying to describe something that is higher order and higher in dimensionality than the 3 dimensional field (plus linear perception of time) where our current consciousness is locked in, is a mathematical projection at best. Kind of like projecting a 3 dimensional object onto a 2 dimensional paper by shining a light on it, depending on the angle and direction of the light, the 2D shadow will look different. And the nature of this projection pattern is the key in understanding variation and diversity in our reality. It's not out of randomness (because it doesn't exist), in fact, diversity is out of a countably infinite set of projection from the multi-dimensional nature of reality that is forever approaching infinity.

How we perceive the projected world that is the 3D isn't random, it is simply a projected, higher in order reality and the nature of which we cannot fully describe with any three-dimensional language. Just like we would have a hard time describing a six-dimensional shape for example, we can't even imagine that in our 3D constructed minds, we cannot perceive its higher order nature except to make inferences about it in 3D terms, we certainly don't have a six-dimensional word to describe its multi-dimensional nature. Our description of a given 6D shape (as it appears projected in the 3D) might be for example, that the shape looks like a cube in the morning and when I stand on the ground but when I look again in the afternoon or upon a tree it looks like a sphere and I've noticed that it changes color almost "randomly". Thus, we deduce the nature of reality must have dimensions and pieces of truths that exist in the 3D as fractal projections of a higher order truth, and therefore explains the difficulty when it comes to describing a highly dimensional and layered nature of the field of a universal consciousness.

Even in mainstream, conventional science, they state one cannot make life out of material that are not live. Think deeper. If the universe is chaotic and random, would we have high order in any systems and have logic in our mathematics? And If the universe can produce life then either we assume the universe is alive or we assume nothing is really alive and it's all an illusion. But I ask you this question. If neither of these assumptions are absolutely verifiable, which is more "probable"? And how can you deem a probability for something that is inherently an inference without measurement? And which can you really deem more "rational". See the fallacy here? One conclusion is not necessarily more "rational", it's simply a perception. Of course I am simply shortening all the logical steps here, am simply trying to summarize for the purpose of jolting the reader to think. We have hit a critical time in our eventual history where we must re-discover critical thinking.

But enough about the straw-mans of my lines of logic. I am not here to tell people what to think, nor am I here to talk about the nature of reality. I am here to document this unprecedented time in human history, when we as a collective consciousness is experiencing both our darkest hours in our united deception in this fear-based control-grid, and our greatest opportunity to reawaken the sleeping, ancient wisdom that has always been part of every single person on earth, hopefully before the library of Alexandria is burnt to the ground, again.

Deep inside each person (each fractal or hologram), is the image of the whole, this is an undeniable nature of our reality, the holographic effect, or the fractal mathematics. Because if this nature is not true, then the mathematics of it will never work in our reality. There's a key to the same wisdom in all, no matter culture, region, or background. And the path to the key is simple, when you set aside your societally-programmed bias and listen, the truth is a feeling. It transcends like a great musical piece, or stirs up an inner-knowing or familiarity like a great quote. When you see a piece of the pattern of the whole you know to be true inside because it matches with the record of your own database, it triggers a deeper feeling than some mere claimed three-dimensional "fact". And yet we are taught to ignore our most basic instincts as fractals of the whole for some artificial assumption-based set of "rational thinking" that tells us that since we cannot see the whole, it must not exist, and since we're ignorant of a pattern thus far, it must be random. Once you peel away at the assumptions of their "rationality" you will see there was no real center in that onion at all. It's simply that - layers of assumptions based on assumptions.

Own your own thinking. Question everything. And follow the guidance of your inner essence.

And that is how I finally found John. I am not him. I was him. And this time I am again asked to scribe to the best of my abilities, in a different way. To revive a different aspect of the truth, through the ways of the original Taoism that came from the culture that is currently under the heaviest oppression spiritually. To never allow my writings to become dogmatic or cultish again. To right the wrongs of the past because in John's words, "They have twisted my words, my writings, and used them for control. And I am here to re-write the word of God."

The truth is really simple, you already know it... So don't get too distracted by the complex physical structures that is the manifestation, rather, when you look deep into the patterns at its essence, one truth prevails:

All is one.
One is all.
All came from one.
One is the origin of all.
One is never separated from the whole,
For the whole is already in one.

Fear depletes love, so fear not,
Because you are love and are loved.
Fear is an illusion there to create the contrasting condition one needs to experience to learn to chose love with thy own will.

Reality is one's own manifestation.
Life is a reflection of one's own perceptions.
Thus one is a creator of realities,
This is what thou calls manifestation.
One who believes thee to be a creator of one's own reality and one is well-acquitted with the power of all that is in one, has no fear.
One who knows and holds absolute love, will not fear.

John the Apostle is here to be part of the shift in consciousness at this precise point in time. To remind humans to take back their power and declare sovereignty over one's free will, to stop allowing thyself to play the part of the victim. To release thee of thy shackles as slaves to the system by setting free the truth. And the truth shall set thee free.

John and the true disciples are all here now to reclaim the truth and expose the inversions of the system and dogmatic religious cults that had long hijacked true spirituality and made people suffer needlessly.

Be prepared.

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