Biomedical scientist with a social touch. Yoga Teacher. Globbertrotter. Amateur writer.

A love story

One day we met each other. I was energetic and full of hope, but a bit insecure, slightly diffidence. You were witty and seemed confident, but emotionally unavailable and a bit narcissistic. We got entangled. We were happy. I was happy. A dream came true. But I quickly wake up. You broke my heart. I dissolved into a fit of tears. Soft pillows comforted me. You wanted to be friends, but ghosted me. I loved you and fought for you. We became friends, not real friends. I always fear rejection. I ...
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One day

I look into the past and I see my most imprinted memories. Memories of my most sad moments and joyful ones. Memories of satisfaction and failure. Memories charged of strong and opposite emotions. I make an effort, and I can evoke some peaceful memories, mainly of nature. Nature always brings me peace. Life is a long road with multiple forks and no signs. You take one path without knowing where it will lead you, and you walk forward, sometimes a bit backwards, but mainly forward. On the road yo...
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Letter to the three Wise Men

Dear Wise Men, this year I worked hard and I've been a good person. I did groceris at the local market and I bought lots of ecological products. I helped my friends and family when they needed me, and I always had a thought on them. I worked hard at work to adapt to the new working environment and shorten the cultural differences. I took care of myself to avoid getting sick and more injuries. I also practiced self-love, although I still have a long road ahead of me. I haven't been generous with...
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Who are you?

There are some days in which I wonder "do I really know you? Did I ever get to know you? Who are you?" I have no answer. I thought I knew you well, more than anyone. Now it all seems and illusion. A shady sad illusion. Then more questions arise "What was real? What was just my hope and my stubbornness?" I want to admit defeat and I sadly accept the illusion. But then, a voice within me screams loudly "I know you!!". A pause comes. I breath in and out. Some weird serenity arrives. I know you...
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