Write something in Winston Smith's guestbook!

Hi uplink, glad to see you’ve taken on the 100 Day Writing challenge. Found it to be a great read about your experience with journaling in the past. To answer a question you asked yourself, yes, I’m reading what you write, and serveral others are, too, I’m sure. But, do keep writing for you, in your most genuine and authentic voice. If there ever was a place for that, it’s here on Listed. Appreciate your posts, and looking forward to reading more, Just do you. Best, Jay

Hey I glad I get to share this journey with you as you write in a free way over the next hundred days. I haven’t been doing it long but with daily journaling I’m starting to make it my routine before going to bed so my head is more clear. Also imo daily journaling makes you pull yourself out of you tech and observe the world around you, it reminds you to do something everyday to avoid the mundane. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. GLSSJG

A lot of what you write resonates with me. Have you considered setting up your own cloud? A Raspberry Pi with Next Cloud installed works well for me. I have a couple of SSD 1TB disks hooked up to it. I can access everything on the go without anyone else getting a look in unless I send out an invite.