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Ughhh, blogging? That is soOȫốòó 2015 right? Wrong.
Blogs are better for
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An "Afterlife"

First off, with this blogging platform there are much stronger privacy standards, such as no collection of data for marketing. The main business model of contemporary social media is to (1) collect data and (2) use that data to engage in marketing (my hatred of this is a big theme for me). In contrast, blogs are self-hostable, much more open-source (both allowing federation, defusing the need for a business model), and those that are cloud-based have a business model in which they sell subscriptions. Unfortunately I haven't been able to self-host my own server yet, so I instead will be using Standard Notes' Listed. A great feature of Listed is the ability to use RSS feeds. RSS feeds are just significantly better than social media feeds for so many reasons (such as less curation/echo-camber, open-source -> flexibility, portability, etc. that are so vital in a news reader).

Thanks to there being no algorithm, we humans are able to filter information the way we see fit, instead of leaving it up to profit-seeking, attention-driven corporate models. I see managing data as one of this era's greatest problems, and like the past we need some model/philosophy to describe how to do it: think of the Communist Manifesto to industrial exploitation, The Wealth of Nations to the decline of mercantilism, An Essay on the Principle of Population (Malthus) to overpopulation, religion to population organization, etc. I believe whoever shall conceive of and disseminate a theory to deal with this shall be the leader thinker that historians will analyze for this time period (another theme for me).

Admittedly, there is also somewhat of a selfish reason to do this. It isn't inconceivable to imagine a future in which people are able to be recreated from what their mind was composed of, and perhaps someday these thoughts and philosophies will allow for sort of a "revival" of myself. Of course, this would imply that I become significant enough to prompt future agents to do such a procedure on me, and that this content remains for that long. Thus I have to concede this is doubly improbable and perhaps even impossible (I'll leave this to a future blog). The most probable outcome is this blog fading into obscurity overtime. In this case, my best hope is that my philosophy and detailing of my mathematical journey will influence some mind out there. I particularly enjoy the thought that some reader from Nabokov's Good Readers and Good Writers is enjoying my ideas. Unfortunately, blogs suffer from internet permenance like social media, but this is the best I can think of to compromise.

To this end, I will be attempting the 100 Day Writing Challenge. Wish me luck!

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