Updates on my Life 3/29/22

We had districts last Saturday. I got first in number sense, fourth in calculator, third in science overall, 2nd in chemistry, and fourth in math. I am confirmed advancing to regionals for math and calculator because someone wasn't able to go. This year, regionals are in San Antonio, so we're going to be driving there the night before and staying at a hotel. It should be interesting: my first time overnight without my parents. I think I'll be competing all day with little in between time.

I also think that my exoplanet workshop paper is going to be published soon!

I think that every Saturday this month I'm going to be busy: this Saturday I have CHMMC, next I have the virtual SAT, after that SUMO's SMT, and then UIL regionals. Then there's also BL4S due on April 15th.

Maybe this is just a units for a bunch of classes aligning of something, but I've got a lot of class stuff this week. I had a stats test, physics quiz, and I have a chem and calc test coming up this week.

I've also begun reading Crime and Punishment, and it's been interesting so far. I finished chapter 4 today (I'm reading at least one chapter a day), and I think the way Rodya's been developed in contrast to his environment is being done very well. I'm not going to talk about the chapter in case you want to follow along with me (if there is anyone even out there). Unfortunately, my reading of Advanced number Theory by Harvey Cohn has fallen by the wayside recently.

NASA HAS has also been wrapping up - we got a survey about when to do the summer thing today.

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