Updates on my life 4/1/22

Today I volunteered at an elementary school's spring carnival. I got assigned to help walk ponies. It was interesting to see how the horses behave, especially in response to human desires. It also made me further realize that my morals are different from my ethics - me pulling around the horses made me feel immoral, but I knew that ethically there was no issue. Afterwards it was pretty fun to meet with friends as a lot of them signed up as well (although they got assigned elsewhere). Unfortunately, one of the ponies stepped on my toes. I expected to hurt more, but it still hurts pretty badly. I've been icing it in the meanwhile. I think it's bruised - it looks greenish-blueish.

Tomorrow is the CHMMC. I was not expecting it to come up so fast and require so much other stuff. I seriously doubt that we're going to place though - several ofo our team can't do indivudals and team performance is team round + individual round.

As I finish part 2 chapter 2 of Crime and Punisment, I'm beginning to see what people on the internet claim about the book - that Rodya believes himself to be good enough to be above the law and the book depicts his descent into madness. Originally, based off part 1 I thought it would play more into the theme of moral relativism. I am not sure if the police are truly suspectious of him though as it could simply be a rhetoric choice to convey his paranoia and descent into madness.

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