Updates 4/14/22

Yet again today wasn't very productive. At least I got some homework done. I spent most of today rewatching the Battle of Shiganshina. Originally I had plans to go to a nature preserve with my family tomorrow, but we rescheduled it. I originally wanted to do it as a way of increasing my mathematical creativity through nature, but I haven't been pushing my brain very hard recently with math, so it likely wouldn't even have been successful. It was planned for tomorrow since we have no school tomorrow for "Good Friday" (which is pretty stupid to have holidays for religions). Also, today PROMYS returning students came out, and I was accepted. Unfortunately the details were scant so there isn't much for me to do yet. I also have the SMT planned for Saturday morning and in the night a birthday party with a friend, so I won't be able to do much on that day. There is also an environmental club cleanup that day, but I have to miss it for the SMT. Saaad.

I'm now on chapter 4 part 3 of Crime and Punishment. I think the past couple of chapters have been a little boring: they have been developing Rodya's family , and it seems to be establishing a new plot. I thought it was interesting that Dunya's shallowness was exposed so nonchalantly. There also seems to be buildup to Rodya's confession, but considering the past fake outs I think something will happen that causes him to change his mind. Maybe it will have to do with Marmelov's family (although I do admit I read a little into the next chapter and saw him talking with them).

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