Update 5/18/22

I'm starting to run out of ideas, so I'll be making updates in the meanwhile. Last update, I forgot to mention some things. Last Friday, I volunteered at an elementary school's spring carnival, so I had a late post on that day. Also, my driver's permit came in the mail that day. I did have some potential ideas for posts: more reflections. I might do a reflection on my personal development, but I think past posts already encapsulate this pretty well. I might also do a reflection on my social life of this past year, but I know my friends read this blog so I'd feel weird analyzing my social life. I'll probably still do it; maybe some other day though. I've also got an APUSH test, the last one of the year, tomorrow. I really should get some sleep in anticipation of that. I also was planning on trying to work out some math to coordinate a tie between me and the current rank 1, but idk that math can work out so we have equal GPAs. I'm gonna see if the current rank 3 has the possibility of a tie. I'm really interested in seeing what happens with graduation (as in speeches) and the interviews (the school interviews the top 10 of each school's senior class and post on their website pictures and their responses). I think valedictorian would've been more interesting for a tie, but salutatorian would also be interesting. It'd also help everyone else as everyone except rank 1's rank will go up 1. I showed my parents the website with the top 10, and they started telling me to try and take easier classes. They seemed to care about mental health as they brought up the high rates of teenage suicide. TBH, I don't really want this out of my parents right now. My mental health is adequate, but I think I need to be doing more, and my parents telling me to relax is antithetical to this. I really think that they just can't understand that happiness isn't my goal in life, which would explain my parents' goal for me. Yesterday was the awards ceremony for UIL. It was alright - basically what I expected from an awards ceremony. The rank one of the senior class' parents were there, and I got to talk to them. Thinking about it now, the contrast between his parents and mine was emphasized by this event. When I talked to his parents, they really seemed to be invested in their son's education. They congratulated me on the UIL stuff, which implied they were familiar with how UIL works, and also was able to pretty actively talk with me about extracurricular. His dad asked me about a kinda esoteric math competition (in response to me telling him I wanted to be a math major), which is quite the stark contrast to my parents who barely even know what UIL is. My mom thought it was a class LOL. Maybe it's just because the senior rank 1 has an older sibling while I'm the oldest sibling.

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