Update 6/23/22

Today I spent a lot of time planning for my upcoming family vacation to Boston. I wasn't very efficient while doing it though - I was rewatching the Office with my sister. I also did spend some time working on math, and I saw that my past idea for a proof didn't pan out. Then I went to pickup my new glasses. The frame has pretty big lens, but I didn't have that many options at the glasses store, and I wanted bigger lens this time around. I wanted less area of my vision that wasn't covered by my glasses. Unfortunately, they hurt my head when I wear them. I'm not sure if its just my eyes adjusting to my new glasses or something being wrong with the lens. Yesterday, I thought I had proved the thing I'd been working on for a while, but later I realized it was a circular argument. I also started rewatching atla. Tomorrow I plan on doing a lot of writing.

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