Stop Thinking You Have All the Answers

We live in fucked up times. There are excellent lawyers, historians, former law enforcement, and others providing analysis and ideas for what is going on.

There are also actors and random cows and horses on Twitter that seem to have all the answers.

Bottom line is that nobody has all of the answers or even knows all of the questions that should be asked. While we want to be able to turn to someone to tell us what to think the world just doesn't work that way.

Just because someone has credibility in one area doesn't mean that everything they say about the situation is correct. While historians get upset about people using Wikipedia to argue with them, being a historian doesn't make you a political and media strategy expert.

There are a lot of people who work in other fields that have insight into these matters.

Bottom line it that just because someone has a blue checkmark next to their name doesn't mean that they are the expert on all areas.

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