Free Speech Doesn't Guarantee Free Reach

When social media sites first started things were pretty equal and content was distributed pretty evenly. But then the companies needed to try to actually turn a profit so they started selling ads. Once ads were introduced the companies became ruled by the advertisers.

When Twitter, Facebook, etc... decide to show someone's content over another person the actual decisions are being made based on an algorithm.

These platforms are private entities that are running a business. If they desired, they could say politics is off limits as an area of discussion.

The great thing is in 2019, the technology is out there with free and open source tools that anyone who really wants can create their own social network.

But playing the victim card is so much easier. So that is what conservatives choose to do.

There are plenty of liberals on Twitter who do not have verified accounts, there stuff hardly shows up on feeds, and they aren't promoting conspiracy theories of shadow bans and other things out to silence conservatives.

No, it could just be that people aren't really that interested in what you had to say.

Also, these platforms exist to make money. Advertisers may not want to show up next to certain messages.

Spread your message but nobody owes you a platform.

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