Hypocrisy Isn't an Argument

Can we stop with the hypocrisy arguments?

If you believe that nobody should be censored for their views and you get upset when someone is boycotted for something they say the response when it happens on the other side should be to just ignore it or not do anything.

When you start demanding that things need to be fair then you become a hypocrite.

Hypocrisy is not going to solve any of the issues. If we want to mock safe spaces and say that people need thicker skins maybe you shouldn't get all worked up when someone says fuck.

The issue occurs on both sides but certainly see it more on the right. They claim to support free enterprise but want to regulate any business that they feel isn't fair to them.

If you really think government needs to be out of people's lives then that includes women's health care.

If socialism and subsidies are bad then you should be speaking out against farm subsidies that are paying for someone's temper tantrum.

Let's cut the bullshit and move past this stupidity.

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