SaaS Related Articles You Should Read in 2021

If there is one thing that I've come to learn with SaaS, is that the learning never stops. The actions you take along the way can shape the future of your product and determine the performance of your company.

Whether you are burning the midnight oil building your startup or are already in the market testing the waters, these 5 great articles will help you wade through the challenges of SaaS product management.

  1. SaaS Trends of 2021 Every Business Owner Should Know

The Software-as-a-Service industry is one of the lucky ones who not only survived the pandemic but managed to grow and attract new clients and investments. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that forecasts are very unsure. Well, not only forecasts...

  1. 14 Essential UX Research Methods

Many people wonder, what do UX researchers do apart from talking to users about their experience? Can experience be measured?

UX research is a huge part of UI/UX design services. Here is the list of our favorite UX research methods we use regularly to answer those questions.

  1. Product Designer Job Description

Very often we think of a designer as a "beautician" for websites, applications, and other digital products. In fact, creating an appealing user interface is only one point from a product designer job description.

  1. Design Thinking Examples: Five Real Stories

No other area of design requires such deep immersion in the client's world as UI/UX design. To create a user-friendly and practical product, it is necessary to understand the customers' pains, needs, and expectations. This is what design thinking is all about.

  1. SaaS Onboarding: Educate, Engage and Retain Your Customers

As a product owner, you may know the value proposition of your SaaS perfectly well. But there is no use in cutting-edge functionality and tailored user interface if your customers have trouble figuring out how they can benefit from using your product. And that's where SaaS onboarding comes in handy.

Mobile Devices vs. Web Platforms

The most significant catalyst for changes is a quick improvement of innovation. Simply consider how the Internet and cell phones transformed us. Today we utilize our cell phone not just settling on telephone decisions and sending instant messages yet looking for data, tuning in to music, keeping contact with friends, sharing our significant (or less significant) minutes with others, and so forth. The mobile devices and the media burning-through propensities have been continually evolving.

The purchasing interaction online is not, at this point direct. The client venture on online stages is at the core of the advanced change of the actual world. It recounts the tale of a client's experience of how he/she communicates and meets with an organization. The advantages of legitimate client venture planning are improving client commitment, fulfillment, and long-haul steadfastness. In this cycle, the mobile gadget advancement is a vital advance not to lose potential clients visiting the site through mobile stages.


Mobile devices are now a vital stage for computerized things and interchanges. The expanding number of cell phones with enormous screens is improving the purchaser experience. Then, an ever-increasing number of retailers are upgrading their destinations for mobile shopping. The new design of the sites must be fit to the progressions in the media burning-through propensities to satisfy the necessity of moment admittance to data. Together, these improvements are transforming the cell phone into a stage that can uphold the entire shopping venture, from item search and revelation to correlations, suggestions, and installments.

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The capacity to recognize a client's area and convey focused on, ideal, logically important data, promoting, and advertising messages is an amazing, convincing recommendation. Besides, the constant part of area examination will offer a more versatile way to deal with promoting, empowering retailers to change their advertising and commitment continuously to address an individual shopper's issues. Mobile will before long turn into the prevailing channel for reliability projects and rewards. Mobile-empowered dependability projects can give levels of intelligence and commitment that conventional projects can't coordinate. Mobile channels, especially when the area is empowered, can give compensations continuously.

Creating content specialized for mobile devices

More youthful ages can be generally reached through mobile devices. Mobile-first turned into the new attitude an advertiser needs to learn. Advertising experts need to comprehend the mobile utilizing propensities for these ages. It is exceptionally critical to know where, when, and how they are utilizing their devices. There are numerous investigates on the web on this point yet advertisers can enlist an organization if they need more explicit data.

The design must be straightforward because intricacy raises the chance of losing a client. As youth watch visual substance as opposed to perusing a long article, advertisers ought to dispose of the superfluous long expressions and messages and rather use pictures, recordings that can be devoured simpler by the clients and requires less looking over.

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Web Design Animations in 2021

With regards to web design, there is a universe of conceivable outcomes these days and it turns into a developing test to make something genuinely special. In this article, we will discuss how activity in web design turned into a developing pattern and is quickly turning into an approach to communicate all the more outwardly. It is evident that activities, especially in web design, increment drastically the elements of a website, getting much more appealing to clients around the world. You can check out yourself in this article about the best SaaS websites and what you can learn from them.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 top animation patterns found in web design in 2021.

1. Hamburger menu transition

Hamburger menus can be an extraordinary chance to transform a web design project into something seriously fascinating, dynamic, and fun. There are a lot of choices on web design advances for the menu, for example, a slide and zoom in actuality, a squirm and slide impact, a dynamic uncover and slight slide, and so forth. Users of your website will absolutely love these kinds of animations!

2. Loading bar

A loading bar shouldn't be exhausting. This pattern is getting extremely famous among web design, as it gives a one-of-a-kind and individual component to the website. For instance, in the event that the web design is a library data set, a book stacking component would be a good thought to be reliable with the brand or subject of the undertaking. Clients will in general feel "trust" while exploring websites with components that allude to the brand or subject.

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3. Button wiggle

Web design catches are regularly static and, in the best-case scenario, they change colors when tapped on or drifted on. This pattern changes that by adding an additional powerful liveliness to it. At the point when clients float on top of a button, the button wiggles and changes tones, which gives an extra fascinating component with regards to web design, making the client experience considerably more extraordinary and important.

4. Hover

In web design, drifting impacts are a lot utilized which is an incredible method to enliven something that would be generally static. This activity is especially utilized in frameworks of pictures or web journals to uncover additional data on top of the image. There may be additionally a slight zoom impact on the image and a dull overlay, uncovering then the content over it. This is a famous pattern in web design and it's been around for some time now.

5. 2D and 3D animated components

3D and 2D components are very famous in web design, they are outwardly hypnotizing and a stunning method to keep away from ordinariness and make a dreamland inside the subject of the website. This is additionally entirely charming and it enhances every website design. Utilizing 3D components that either pivot or slide or invigorate overall makes an awesome powerful encounter for clients and it turns into much more outwardly captivating.  The equivalent goes for 2D, the lone distinction regarding web design is that 3D will in general be more genuine than 2D.

We are sure that animations in web design are a pattern that keeps on developing even today and it will unquestionably push limits in years to come. In this age where clients are turning out to be increasingly requesting this is an ideal opportunity to develop and add activity components to web design, improving and making important encounters around the world.

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UX Design -Dos and Don'ts

"User Experience" plan is really misjudged, however, it's quite possibly the main thing to get it legitimate in web and application improvement. A decent UX resembles eating pizza, you don't need to consider everything, you take care of business flawlessly without reconsidering.

An amazingly executed UX design is similarly consistent, giving the client an exceptionally normal encounter where things are the place where they are intended to be. There are distinctive UX configuration tips by which you can fix any online stage, while likewise making a dissatisfaction-free encounter for your watchers. In this article, we'll investigate the rules and regulations of the UX world, giving you the gadgets you need to make a simple to-utilize stage.

We should discuss every one of the great practices in UX design.

Clean the wreck

With regards to UX Design, toning it down would be ideal. The issue typically makes clients confounded and muddled, as nothing jumps out in the center of the wreck, similar to looking for a tough-to-find little item. Allowing your UX to configuration "inhale" is vital because it makes it simpler to perceive what is significant.

Make needs

When everything is the same size, shading, and thickness, it's truly difficult to tell which highlights are a high need. This is the reason prioritization is basic in UX Design, pulling out and CTA catches an order with the goal that clients can without much of a stretch follow the point.

High contrast

White on white is clear just as unmistakable pictures on a white foundation diffusely impact the client experience. Individuals will in general miss significant data if the difference is too low, particularly on CTA fastens and contact structures. There ought to be a sensible measure of difference to cause them to appear to be simpler to the client.

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Give a "visual" which means

Appearing well and good outwardly is the portrayal of UX plan, and this can be accomplished by applying sound judgment at the most elevated level. The ideal model would be this: you wouldn't add a login button toward the finish of the landing page, am I right? Clients should "see" this element before looking over it right down. Another model is "extravagant" misalignments which would likely be pretty yet not practical, making the client muddled and disappointed.

Presently how about we show a portion of the terrible practices.

Numerous menus

There is likely nothing additional tedious than exploring a site where you need to click unlimited catches to get from A to B. On that matter, UX Design best practices are the less you click, the better. It is vital to lead your client from A to B in an extremely natural and straightforward manner, without pointless and unnecessary advances.

Try not to shroud anything

The absolute first principle of UX Design is to become acquainted with your client and guide out everything the client might want to do on your site. Given that, you know precisely what you can't stow away. For instance, if the client needs to sign in to your site, the best activity promptly shows the login button in the menu. If you conceal this in a submenu classification, it turns out to be exceptionally hard for the client to explore and accomplish what they need to do on your site.

Try not to rehash an already solved problem

This is the point at which the fight among UX and UI configuration turns out to be extremely solid. As a UI creator, you need to make something else from 1,000 different sites, however, it is imperative to consider work as opposed to vision. In some cases, the best plan is the "simple to utilize" plan, which permits clients not to get baffled.

If you need examples of wonderful UX design or motivation, or if you just need somebody to design your application, you can visit Eleken's page.

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Test Your Startup With the MVP

That's it, you've finally had a brilliant idea for your product! After months, if not years, of development, it is finally ready to meet its audience. But what will happen if ultimately the imagined features do not suit your users? Before embarking on a long and expensive development cycle, we recommend that you take a few minutes to learn about the concept of MVP.

What is an MVP?

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product), is a concept resulting from the concept of Lean Startup, a famous method of product creation proposed by Eric Ries. In other words, it is about experimenting with a product idea by offering the smallest possible version (created with the least possible resources and costs), with end-users, our early adopters, to collect rapid feedback and empirically measure the chances of product success.

As part of an entrepreneurial project, the concept of MVP is most often respected because we try to offer the first version of our product, produced with little financial means. As a startup, he can also be at the origin of a new release of an existing product, to test its viability. In large companies, the term "MVP" is often overused because it is used to refer to the first batch of functionality to be delivered. As initially proposed by Ries, it is primarily used to validate hypotheses on the response to a user need. MVP is not a simplified version of an end product, it is the first step in the iterative development of a solution based on a permanent feedback loop.

MVP concept

The image of the skateboard or the scooter is a popular image in the world of product design. In this example, the user's goal is to get around. A common mistake is to go straight into designing a full-featured sports car. Why not offer the most basic version of the product possible that already allows it to move from point A to point B? This makes it possible to study how the user appropriates a product and to develop it in the right direction. Indeed, perhaps a skateboard or a scooter will be more than enough to satisfy their need, cruise controls, and leather seats were perhaps superfluous.

The advantages of MVP

  • Quick learning about the real needs of end-users

With the feedback loop being reduced, you quickly confront your solution to the market. This allows you to learn more about the real needs of your target group and iteratively propose the most suitable solution (the user prefers a tractor rather than a sports car).

  • Greater cost control

The investment being reduced to a minimum, you thus save yourself the development of superfluous features that would not create value (a manual gearbox rather than an automatic gearbox)

  • A reduction in time to market

The concept in its simplest version is brought to market faster than the finished product. As the market evolves very quickly, features thought up several years ago may seem totally "has-been" 2 years later. In addition, we can generate value very quickly.

  • A competitive advantage

This point follows from the previous one. If you take too long to try and craft a complete answer, chances are someone with an MVP will market it before you. You will then lose a clear competitive advantage because your competitor will have a better knowledge of the market and better notoriety because it will be the precursor actor.

In short: by starting the design of your product with the launch of an MVP, you maximize the chances of achieving an end product that responds in a relevant way to the needs of end-users. This is the whole goal of the Lean Startup method: to reach the product-market fit as quickly as possible.

Great Articles About SaaS Business 2021

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is becoming the most popular choice for companies looking for accessibility, functionality, and versatility in the aggressive business environment.

Here are the best articles I've found on the internet this year:

  1. How To Build A Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a visualization of the strategic development of a product.

The key advantage of the roadmap is that it clearly communicates the "what" and "why" of the strategy to all stakeholders. Since this tool is easy to understand for any specialist or investor, it is possible to use it to explain the business strategy at various meetings with internal teams or stakeholders.

  1. Product Design Process

In this article, we will analyze five stages in the design of products and services that will outline the way to creating a successful product.

And first of all, let's answer the following question "What do you mean by product design?"

  1. Learn From The Best SaaS Websites

In this article, we'll list the best SaaS websites so you could learn a lesson on building high-converting websites from the leaders.

  1. How to Build a Minimum Viable Product

In this article, you will learn what is an MVP, what are its main types, and how to build a minimum viable product to validate your idea and spend minimum resources.

  1. SaaS Pricing Models

Many SaaS companies we've worked with to design their products struggle to find the right pricing model. this article is exactly about that.

  1. Product Led Growth

You hit the ceiling that is not necessarily the limit of your business, but a significant obstacle in reaching the new peak of growth. So, how can you keep your SaaS company growing? In this article, we'll break the answer in more detail.

New Articles About SaaS 2021

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is becoming the most popular choice for companies looking for accessibility, functionality, and versatility in the aggressive business environment.

Here are the best articles I've found on the internet this year:

  1. Web Design Examples

In this article, you will take a look at effective web design examples that display usability, responsiveness, and high conversion.

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy

Very often, startup owners who come up with an innovative product don't know where to start and how to implement all their thoughts into a real product that speaks its value. Here you will learn how to grow your business without having to compete

  1. Average SaaS Growth Rate

Among various business metrics, there is one that should always be top of mind. In this article, you will learn about the growth rate and how to use this indicator to measure your business results.

  1. How to Build a Minimum Viable Product

In this article, you will learn what is an MVP, what are its main types, and how to build a minimum viable product to validate your idea and spend minimum resources.

  1. SaaS Pricing Models

Many SaaS companies we've worked with to design their products struggle to find the right pricing model. this article is exactly about that.

  1. Maturity Stage of Product Life Cycle

You hit the ceiling that is not necessarily the limit of your business, but a significant obstacle in reaching the new peak of growth. So, how can you keep your SaaS company growing? In this article, we'll break the answer in more detail.

Eco-web design

Eco-web design consists of developing websites with a lower environmental impact, respecting the principles of sustainable development while having increased performance. To achieve this, each of the website design phases must be optimized.

In my last article, we have discussed the Blue Ocean Strategy examples, if you want some more information on other SaaS-related topics, feel free to check out this blog.

All around the world the green energy sector has grown so rapidly and has become such an important part of the economy that it now employs more people than the tar sands. The climate issue was at the heart of the last election. Yet a lot remains to be done, especially in the digital ecosystem.

According to some experts, the pollution generated by the web industry and its impact on the climate is equivalent to that of the aviation industry. The digital ecosystem now absorbs almost 10% of the electricity produced in the world. The network will become even more polluting with the increase in our personal data storage needs and the growing number of users worldwide.

Giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple are among the first to embark on the race for a greener web. Several leaders in the IT industry are now addressing the issue. If we are not a computer giant, what can we do in terms of web eco-design? Here are the actions to take to make your website more ecological.

Minimize requests

A visit to your website triggers an HTTP request. This request signals the server to send all the files necessary to display your site on the user's screen. Sometimes not all files sent are needed. You can improve the performance of your site by removing too many requests and thus reduce unnecessary file loading. For example, you can use JavaScript to do some basic operations rather than loading all the JQuery code. Are all weights in a typeface loaded unnecessarily when only two weights are used? You can also use the browser's cache functions to improve loading speed.

Eliminate unnecessary code

Collect all CSS formatting instructions in a separate .css file, rather than just the style tags on the page. Avoid excessive use of divs and classes for HTML and CSS. We find the most unused code in CSS. Several tools exist, such as UnCSS Online, to help you eliminate unnecessary code. Although some JavaScript variables must end up directly on the page to work properly, when possible, place the JavaScript code in a separate .js file.

Go for a clean design

The eco-web design will encourage the designer to remove the superfluous from the pages of the site to eliminate HTTP requests. Are all the items on the page necessary? Does a carousel with large images add to the understanding of the reception? Maintaining a single image reduces load while maintaining the positive visual impact of a large intro image. The benefit will also be felt at the level of natural referencing. By opting for a website with a clean design, without stripping it completely, we minimize requests. This notion also applies to responsive versions, where you can adapt lighter content depending on the device. If you are struggling with making your design clean and simplistic, you can always use the help of a design agency or freelance designers.

Reduce the weight of the media

Ideally, the dimensions and weight of the images should be adapted to the display space. There is no need to set up an image 1200 pixels wide if it is resized by the browser to 300 pixels. It is best to resize this image with software like Photoshop to have a size that matches the space where it is used. We also favor good compression in JPG to reduce its weight as much as possible. Videos also need to be adapted and compressed for the web. We must minimize the weight for the web and perhaps think of offering an image only for the mobile version.

Choose green accommodation

It is possible to opt for a local host if the users mainly come from the same region. Some hosts want to respect an environmental policy by offering green hosting. The carbon footprint can also be reduced thanks to an infrastructure of dedicated and low-power virtual servers. Your website will then be hosted in data centers powered by renewable energies.

Business and Design

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Accessibility: Best Practices to Improve Your Website

The web is a public place accessible to everyone. The content of your site may need to be adapted to provide improved accessibility for people with physical or mental disabilities. This is a real issue for their social, professional, and educational integration.

Accessibility also means helping people who do not or cannot have access to good technological equipment. This does not only affect people with disabilities but also older people who are not used to the new technologies that the internet has brought.

In my previous articles, we have discussed the most successful SaaS websites, if you want some more information on other business-related topics, feel free to check out Eleken's blog.

Attention should be paid to usability, as well as to the design and code of each web page. Moreover, the cleanliness and structure of the code will not only help the people who need it to visit your site, but also the search engines to understand the content of your pages.


Structure the navigation menus with lists if necessary. Adopt a "funnel" method. Go from the broad information to the more precise. The navigation model should not vary from page to page. We must be able to locate and read them. To facilitate navigation, place a breadcrumb trail, a site map, and if possible an internal search engine. In the menu, you should be able to see which section you are in, with a visual indication of the section for example.

Buttons and links

Be explicit in the labels of buttons and links. Instead of "Click here", prefer "Go to information on such page". Always specify the destination of the links.

Visually differentiate links in the text. Differentiate between buttons and links, the former has more of a call-to-action role than the latter.


There is the alternative attribute or alt attribute which allows giving an alternative text to a visual medium (image, video) when it cannot be seen or loaded on the page. It is essential for understanding the information. Be careful, however: it is necessary to write it only if the image has real informative value or if it has an action such as a link. If it is only decorative, the alt text is not important. Be short, clear, and concise when writing these texts.


Avoid CAPTCHAs! It's already uncomfortable with conventional use, it's better to avoid any unnecessary obstacles. Explain errors when they happen, don't just color a field red. Take the opportunity to make correction suggestions to help the user. If the page needs to reload to display a confirmation or error message, it is recommended that you change the title of the page, to make it easier for screen readers to understand. Explicitly name each field on the form. In an HTML structure, you will need to use the tag. Provide a confirmation message to validate the submission of the form.


The content should be clear and well structured. Group similar or complementary information. Use HTML tags to structure the text. If you are working on a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress for example, this work will be done automatically for most content blocks. Do not leave an abbreviation without defining it at least once. The visual aspect (shape, color) of an element on your page should not be the only reference to designate it.


The rules for writing on the web are not the same as elsewhere. Short sentences are preferred. Your paragraphs don't have to be bulk justified. Keep the accents on upper case letters. Repeated line breaks are not recommended.


Take care to choose your colors. Some people with color blindness may not perceive them as you do. For simulations, you can add the Google Chrome Colorblind extension. In the absence of color, the information transmitted must be understandable. Avoid color codes, for example. Content must be separate from style so that it can be read separately by a screen reader. Manage contrasts to keep a clear distinction between text and background. Here is a little online tool to help you find out if the contrast is sufficient.


It is difficult to be able to comply with all of them, but those stated above already greatly facilitate access to websites. Some are just code, others are closely related to user experience.

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About SaaS

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7. How to build a minimum viable product

Develop Your Facebook Social Media Ads

Among the various marketing tools offered by social networks, it is Facebook that brings the highest conversion rate for companies in the B2C sector.

In my previous posts, we have discussed the most successful SaaS websites, if you want some more information on other business-related topics, feel free to check out Eleken's blog.

1. Define the objectives of your campaign

Before launching a new Facebook campaign, you should define your advertising goals. You have a multitude of options depending on the results you expect from your ads. Also, don't forget to optimize your posts for mobile platforms, as the vast majority of Internet users use Facebook on their smartphones. If you want to promote your entire page in order to get more followers, choose the option "Promote your page".

If you want to increase the views of your posts and encourage people to watch, like, comment on, and share your content, go for "Showcase Your Posts".

When you want to promote your website directly or make a call to action, use the "Drive traffic to your website" or "Drive conversions to your website" goals. These types of ads cost more because Facebook doesn't like their users to be redirected to another web page.

Facebook also allows you to offer discounts or other rewards by creating temporary offers. With the goal of "Getting people to claim your offer", you can redirect potential customers to your website or online store.

Last but not least: you can promote your special events with "Get more attendees at your event", increase in-store sales and traffic with "Promote your business locally", increase views for a video with "Get views for a video" and simply collect more leads with the goal "Get leads for your business".

2. Target your audience

To attract more visitors and promote your posts or Facebook page, your audience must be well-targeted. Facebook allows you to target based on age, gender, geography, and user interests. That being said, your post will be delivered to the people who matter to you. For example, if you sell interior decorations, you can target women between 35-45 years of age with children who are interested in interior design.

3. Define your budget

The Facebook campaign is an investment in your business whose effectiveness can be measured in a very precise way, including conversion. You then need to decide how much a conversion is worth for you and then set your budget. You can also test a new campaign on a budget to see if it's working. If you see that it works, then you can increase your budget.

4. Select visual content

When you try to attract more visitors, visual content becomes paramount. Generally, posts with photos or videos have more likes and more user engagement. Besides posting photos, Facebook allows you to post videos or create a Slideshare about your business.

If you are using photos, it is imperative that they are in high definition. Also, put photos that tell more about your activities. Infographics, for example, are one of the coolest visuals, because, beyond an eye-catching design, they also provide useful and interesting information.

When using the "Promote Your Page" objective, you can choose the ad text and photos you want to show for your campaign. After selecting your photos, you can preview how your ad will appear on a smartphone and/or computer. One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you don't have to worry about your social media ad design because Facebook does it for you.

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Virtual Reality in Luxury Industry

How can virtual reality influence the luxury industry? There is a real interest in linking luxury and this innovative technology.

In my previous posts, we have discussed the most successful SaaS websites, if you want some more information on other business-related topics, feel free to check out Eleken's blog.

When VR enters the luxury industry

How can virtual reality influence the luxury industry? Virtual reality has grown a lot in recent years. Thus, technologies related to virtual reality are more and more accessible to the majority of people and, consequently, to brands. And for them, there is a whole new world of creating new and interesting things through virtual reality. This is exactly the power of virtual reality, which will also shape the future of storytelling.

In addition to redefining this ability, it also allows us to clearly show feelings and lived experiences, which is extremely exciting for brands and people. So, what are the results of VR in the luxury industry?

A few big brands planned to drive people to the store and involve them in their vision. It is good to learn from their experiences. For example, Dior created Dior Eyes, with its own VR headset offering a fascinating encounter with the brand's fashion atmosphere. And that's exactly what most designers and fashion stores are willing to do to support this technology.

The Google Cardboard is another good example to share. Created by Rebecca Minkoff, this helmet gave fans a spot at her show. This is definitely a new level of engagement with people on a path never seen before.

Audi is one of the leading automakers to integrate VR into their business. It offers headphones with a premium Bang & Olufsen surround sound system and allows users to have a real driving experience in the model of their choice. Plus, customers can explore the customization of leather, inlays, and color, making every interaction even more complete.

The greatest possible power of virtual reality for luxury brands

Just because it can increase sales for people who are short on time, for example, which is very much related to high net worth clients. Potential customers can use VR to examine a collection, take a test drive, or tour the catwalk, all in minutes. In addition, the effect on the luxury tourism and real estate markets is also considerable. There are already virtual showrooms where customers can explore several different properties. And not to forget about huge possibilities for social media marketing.

For customers wishing to browse their favorite luxury store from the comfort of their yacht or living room, there will soon be brands offering virtual in-store experiences. This not only provides the ability to get through it but also to buy very quickly.

In the world of luxury, virtual reality seems to fit perfectly, and the number of luxury brands that are developing as trailblazers is growing rapidly.

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Prepare For the Future By Creating a Successful Mobile App

Smartphones have an important place in the lives of consumers. These people always spend more time on their phones, they often use them to order or buy things. Consumers can order pizza, computers, smartphones, clothes… almost anything with their smartphones. Mobile app development is becoming a very profitable business.

In 2015, m-commerce represented 40% of global e-commerce. The two main reasons for this significant growth are the ease with which consumers make transactions and their virtual engagement. If you have or want to create an e-commerce store, here are some tips on how to have one both prosperous and profitable.

1. Responsive websites also do the trick

E-commerce works in several ways. One of them is to create a mobile application, another is to create a responsive site. The advantage of a responsive design is that it can attract more visitors through traditional search engines. Marketing and business strategies (like SEO) therefore also work for these sites. Adapting a website for mobile also has other advantages: consumers can share the website URL link more easily and responsive sites can adapt to all smartphones. However, mobile applications can contain a "little extra" for users, such as tools that search engines cannot reach.

2. A very visual shopping experience

When it comes to mobile commerce, the design is as important as it is for e-commerce. First of all, image carousels are old-fashioned and annoying when a consumer wants to click on one ad but click on another because of the carousel's fast speed. Instead of using carousels, static images are more convenient: not only are they more elegant, but they also reduce data usage.

3. Make click

Whether you choose to build an m-commerce app or an online store, your platform should be easy to use. You have to be careful to leave enough space between the different elements of your website or mobile app and to create a lot of sections to click on since they facilitate navigation. Consumers love it when there is a separate menu for new and sale items. It could increase the conversion of your store and attract new customers.

Another idea that makes the platform easier to use is to accept multiple payment methods and to make the process as easy as possible. Customers love it when they can order with just a few clicks like on eBay or Amazon. Neither of these two sites asks consumers for shipping or payment conditions more than once: just once is enough to save them.

Finally, do not redirect your customers to sites not suitable for smartphones during the check-out process as you will surely lose them. When people shop through their smartphones, they don't have the time or patience to wait for a non-responsive site to load.

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How to Market Your App?

You've built your app, you know it's great, but do people know it's there or feel like they need it? To achieve this, the next step is to educate your target market, make the app available and popular, and encourage them to download it.

We have put together some ideas to promote your app successfully:

1. Reviews and word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best and cheapest promotions for your app, so if you find passionate users, ask them to recommend it to their friends. It's not easy to be successful, so another way to spread the news is to ask for a review on a tech blog or tech YouTube channel (paid or free), popular influencers rating your app and doing it awesome can make a difference.

2. Show it wherever you can

You probably already have a website and social media pages, so the next one doesn't need any additional cost. If a new app or website comes out, you will have to present it wherever you can (be careful not to disturb it too much): at the bottom (or even at the top) of your site, on the cover photo of your Facebook and Twitter page, in your bio on Instagram, at the bottom of your newsletter. Make sure that anyone who is interested in or following your services responds to your new app and start to be intrigued to try it out.

3. Create a presentation page for it

Connected to the previous point, it is even better if you create a separate overview page for your application, where all the necessary information can be found about it, download links included. It's always nice to read an app first, without having to go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for it, and with a captivating design, you can preview how the app looks.

4. Google and Apple Store ads

Free advertising options are the best, but sometimes you need to combine them with paid solutions to get the best results. We've written about targeted ads on Apple Ads before, and Google Play Store ads work in a similar fashion. By setting the right keywords, you can be sure that the ad will appear to your target audience with corresponding interests.

5. Video advertising on YouTube and Facebook

Again, it's not cheap, but if you target it well, it will work better than any print ad. Take the time (and money) to create an eye-catching video ad for your app, showing off its best features or showing it in use. It will stay in the minds of viewers, and the next time they see it in the App Store / Google Play Store, they will be able to download it. You can post it on YouTube as a video ad, as well as on Facebook as an alternative to your simple ads.

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The Future - Mixed Reality and Digital Marketing

Virtual reality has become a fairly compelling way to experience life as we know it. It combines virtual reality with our physical surroundings, which can open up an extensive range of opportunities for us. Thousands of businesses are now looking to AR / VR application developers to spice up their markets and attract a whole new market. Imagine uniting mixed reality into your digital marketing strategy and offering your clients a whole new way to experience your product? It sounds pretty futuristic, but thanks to significant technological improvements, it is now possible with the use of VR headsets. It is predicted that VR headset sales will exceed half a billion by 2025. This is a whole new level of consumers that you can wow by bringing mixed reality into your web marketing plan.

In this article, we'll investigate futuristic ways to implement mixed reality into your digital marketing strategy, once VR headsets become the new normal.

The best benefit of using mixed reality in web marketing is the high level of engagement it targets. Since this is new, consumers tend to like the experience, leaving a much bigger reaction than other products.

New car in your garage

Let's say you are an influential car brand and want to launch a new model that will have a quick influence on consumers. In such a saturated industry, it's pretty easy to fall for the old school business strategy that everyone else is doing. And if your consumers put on a VR headset, they could experience the new model of car in their own driveway or garage. App developers can create an AR / VR world available to anyone in their own surroundings while being able to take it apart and learn information while relocating things with their own hands. This way, consumers would have an exciting time while "driving" the car you are selling, from the comfort of their own home.

Re-decoration with mixed reality

For the furniture industry, it can sometimes be tricky to break out of the popular web marketing structure, which mainly consists of photos of furniture in a nice home. It would be a complete change if customers could just don a set of VR headsets in their living room and choose from a library of the furniture you sell while placing it in their surroundings. For furniture customers, it can be complicated to imagine what a sofa would look like in their living room, while you can bring your furniture to your customers' homes instead, which can make you ahead in your niche.

Unique way to launch a video game

When it comes to video games, there is already a ton of opportunities in terms of recreating reality. But what if you launch a new game and want to apply a different web marketing strategy? Say your game is completely original and you need to grab the attention of players? App developers who can create an AR / VR world are the accurate answer, customers would be able to put on their VR headsets and be introduced to the game characters and maybe an intro and preview of the game all in the comfort of your own home, watching the characters run through your halls and backyard. It would be a great way to sell your product to viewers, introduce them to your game in a whole new way, and make them eager to try it out.

AR / VR in architecture

When it comes to the architectural industry and the experience of your ideal home, it can be tough to imagine everything using a sketch on paper. A great business strategy for modular homes, for example, would be able to introduce their designs to your own lot or environment. This way, customers can see a living model of the house and see if it suits their own environment before they even make a choice. App developers can help your business be available to average online audiences by entertainingly grabbing their attention.