Start-ups: 7 Steps Before Creating Your Website

Why are we talking about 7 steps? Because startups need a website in order to grow their business, market themselves and be able to make progress. One day or another, you will definitely need a website.
A lot of people start explaining their plans to a digital agency saying that they "don't really have a clue what the site should look like .... Except thatโ€ฆ"
Based on these experiences, we can identify 7 steps you need to think about BEFORE you decide to build your site. This will help you put things in order, look more clearly at your project and communicate better with your web design agency.

Define your goals

Ask yourself what you are going to offer on your site. Why do you need a site, why did you start your business? Force yourself to have a clear idea of โ€‹โ€‹your short-term but also long-term goal. We should not underestimate the importance of the target audience. Understanding who we're talking to can help guide your site design and will help you create your content as well.
What will your site be used for, how will it be your business tool? Ask yourself if your site will help you:

  • Inform
  • Communicate
  • Interact
  • Generate sales

Write down your website's content

Don't even try to estimate how long your website development project will take if you don't have its content. This is for two reasons: It can create problems in terms of time management and design (graphics, images, sizes of text blocks, etc.). Imagine if we create a filter to go over photos when you realize all of your photos are too dark for it. Or if we plan to have wall-to-wall images on the main page but you don't have the right size for adequate resolution. From a text point of view, if we design a smaller text area where your text cannot fit, we need to find a design solution for scrolling, eg. We also need to highlight some parts and organize the menu already in the design phase, so the content is actually the most important to have, even before any design idea.

Find a name and a server

Usually, finding a name is not a problem, but we also need to buy the domain and put the website on a server. In the development phase, we don't need the server yet, but you definitely need to start the purchasing process so that the final site can go live easily once it's ready. We can also help you, as we have experience with very reliable services. By the way, on this page you can find some great examples of the best SaaS websites and maybe get your inspiration.

Think about what features you need

Once you have the main design idea and where you host the site, we'll need to know what features to integrate. We can estimate the budget if we know what features are needed to be integrated into the website.
Online store features, contact forms, questionnaires, pop-ups, member login, newsletters, social media, etc. A priori, anything can be done. A simple WordPress plugin can be a solution to many ideas. But some of them need to be configured or programmed separately, which means you need an expert.
Remember, a site is an investment. There will inevitably be recurring costs to consider that are worth planning from the start.

Call a professional

You might want to save some money and sign a contract with the cheapest deal. But, probably, like all other services, it doesn't always pay off. Also, you need to find a web design agency that has experience in the style you want to follow, a team that can help you in the long run. Sit down with two of them to see if you speak the same language. If you don't see a common path, don't bother choosing another. If you have a hard time finding a good agency, personally I would suggest Eleken.

Set a deadline

Set a deadline or you never stop working on the website. Remember, it will never be perfect, but that doesn't matter! Additionally, you can edit it yourself in WordPress.
Always take into account the 7 steps. You may want to change your content, text color, or completely rearrange some pages 100 times. But now you need to focus on your new customers. You will find that if you wait too long months will pass and you will still have nothing online.

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