Not Today

Jaqueline stood in the middle of her front room staring at the door. Steven and Sam left in a hurry of confusion. Processing the feelings that erupted in her from Steven's brief touch wasn’t coming quickly. The electric current that coarser from his lips on her neck all the way down to her toes, that was definitely meant for Sam, right?

Embarrassed she was unable to control herself. I can’t remember the last time someone made me feel like that, the last time my body reacted like that. I am a grown ass woman. Pull yourself together, Jacks. Turning on her heals she headed towards the kitchen. I can’t let that happen again.

Reaching the kitchen sink she grabbed her waiting glass from the side plunging it under the flowing cold water. I’ll be more prepared next time. I won’t ever let him get that close again. I can’t let him touch…

The water started flowing over her hand yanking her back to her surroundings. She turned off the water and slightly tilted her glass to free the excess water. I…I wonder what he felt, did he feel anything or is that how he knew I wasn’t Sam, he felt nothing?

The thought of him saying her name popped into her mind, not her full name but her name that is reserved for those closest to her, Jacks. Pacing the room as her thoughts bounce around in her head. Why did it sound different sliding through his lips? They barely met. They don't know anything about each other, besides he's in love with another person. A robot.

Strolling back in her front room, to the floor to ceiling window over looking Central Park, blankly staring at the joggers trying to conform to a health lifestyle, at the mothers pushing strollers with restrained children fighting for freedom and blankets littered across the lawn. One holding a single body reading a book. One holding a picnic waiting for the lucky participants to get done playing frisbee. One blanket holding new lovers intertwined rolling around in what looks like a tickle fight only ceasing for brief kisses.

Not able to bare the lovers anymore she averts her eyes to the horizon. The sun about to dip below the cityscape and cast its long shadows. Turning away from the outside world she leans against the window only stopping when her head hits the glass.

In love with a robot, does that make it better, not really. I can't get in the middle of that, I am not someone who breaks up a relationships. I am not a side piece. I am not a 'other' woman. He seemed happy enough with his situation I can learn to be happy for him. Ya, that's what I'll do, be happy for him. I was just fine before he entered my world this morning, I will be fine tomorrow. Right? Ya, fine...tomorrow, but not today. Sinking to the floor she wrapped her arms around her shins tilting her head and lowering down to rest on her knees. "Not today," she whispered to no one.

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