No Shoes, No Service

Riding for about twenty mixtures in stop and go New York traffic, staring out the window not saying a word, Sam whispered to the driver, “can you please pull over?”

Steven looked at the back of her head with furrowed brows. The driver looked in the rear view mirror to see if he heard what he heard. “Excuse me,” came the response from Steven and the driver at the same time. If this was any other situation it would’ve been comical. There would’ve been “jinx” involved and she’d be owed a soda. There was nothing funny about this situation.

With more conviction Sam said, “I need you to pull over now…please.”

Sam slid her body on the cracked leather seats stained with years of use and abuse. Facing Steven, Sam looked into his eyes. She didn’t say anything for a full minute. Reaching up caressing his stubble covered face with her hand. “I can’t go back to London with you.”

“What? Why not”

Removing her hand from his cheek she gestures to her feet, “Well, first off I don’t have any shoes,” she smiled. Steven’s gaze dropped from her face as he let out a breath he’d been holding since the car stopped. Not lifting her eyes back to his she whispered, “That’s not the only reason I can’t go”.

“Can you tell me what I’m doing here?” The drivers exasperation was building with the delay. “Am I heading to the airport or you getting out here?”

“Shut up and I’ll double your fee,” Steven barked. Turning back to Sam the lines on his face softened. “What are you saying?”

She turned to look at the people zooming by. All with a look of intention on their destination.

“Today has been an…eye opening experience.” Sam continued to stare blankly at the hustle and bustle of the world. Why don’t they slow down for just a minute, she thought. Why don’t they look around? Why can’t they see the people around them that are acting like they have someone back home that loves them? Why do they refuse to see the pain? Why can’t they see the people who aren’t real?

“I just found out who I’m not,” Sam was barely audible. Raising her tone to a normal octave, “I need to stick around and figure out who…what I am and how I fit into this world. The only memories I have that are my own, are of us.” She turns back to face Steven. “You need to go home, run your company, take care of your dad.”

Watching her hand as she reached for his knee, Steven face didn’t show a tell. Trying to process what she was saying the sounds of the beeping horns, dogs barking, clickity clack of the Wall Street elite shoes traversing the pavement jungle, they all disappeared.

Sam squeezed his knee and leaned over kissing his cheek. Leaning her forehead against his shoulder she whispers, “You deserve someone real. You deserve someone to build a life with, to grow old with.” Lifting her head to meet him nose to nose she placed one hand on each cheek and pulled him to her. Gently placing tiny kisses from one corner of his soft lips to the other without any reaction from him. Parting her lips she slid her tongue across his upper lip. Steven slid his arms around her back pulling her body closer. Parting his lips too he opened to take her in, all in.

The driver watching in the review mirror as if it was an HBO special that might show some boobs.

Sam allowed herself to be swallowed up by Steven’s magic embrace. She let the world slip into oblivion as their tongues tangoed with desperate passion.

Steven slowed his pace interspersing gentle nibbles with sucking her bottom lip. He smiled when he heard a soft moan escape her slightly parted lips. Her breasts pressing against him begging for attention.

“Honnnnnkkk” the blare of the car horn jostled them out of their revery. They snapped their heads towards their driver who was no longer satisfied watching in the mirror and is contorted his body around to watch them make out in his backseat. “Oh, sorry,” as he shook his elbow to silence the steering wheel.

Turning back to each other Sam pulls away. “Steven, I love you. As best as I understand those feelings at the moment. But, that’s what I’m talking about. I have some stuff I need to figure out.”

Turning towards the door Steven grabbed her arm, “please don’t”.

She put her hand on top of his, “I have to do this”. Releasing his hand she grabbed the door handle, out of the car and lost in the shuffling crowd before Steven could say anything else.

“So, airport?” The driver’s voice laced with pity. Steven nodded and the car jumped back into traffic.

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