2022-02-21 Chapter 18 - Automation

service-cloudformation-001; {{c1::AWS CloudFormation}} allows you to provision resources quickly and consistently, and manages them throughout their lifecycles, by treating infrastructure as code.

service-cloudformation-002; AWS CloudFormation is a declarative programming language which supports either {{c1::JSON}} or {{c1::YAML}} formats.

service-cloudformation-003; When you upload a CloudFormation template, the service runs the required {{c1::AWS API calls}} on your behalf.

service-cloudformation-004; CloudFormation templates comprise {{c1::parameters}}, {{c1::mappings}} and {{c1::resources}}.

service-cloudformation-005; Hard-coded IDs, especially AMIs, can cause CloudFormation templates to fail when run in other contexts e.g. regions. Consider replacing these with {{c1::mappings}} instead.

service-cloudformation-006; AWS CloudFormation supports {{c1::immutable}} architecture, i.e. architecture which can be replaced at any time. Generally speaking, this is preferable to stateful architecture.

service-elasticbeanstalk-001; AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a managed one-stop service for deploying web app infrastructure. You bring your {{c1::code}}, and that's it!

service-elasticbeanstalk-002; AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a {{c1::Platform}}-as-a-Service tool which incorporates automation, deployments and management.

service-elasticbeanstalk-003; AWS Elastic Beanstalk supports W{{c1::indows}}, L{{c1::inux}} and c{{c1::ontainerised}} applications.

service-elasticbeanstalk-004; AWS Elastic Beanstalk uses servers i.e. it does not create {{c1::serverless}} components.

service-systemsmanager-001; {{c1::AWS Systems Manager}} supports patching, updating, managing and configuring instances and on-prem infrastructure.

service-systemsmanager-002; AWS Systems Manager includes a{{c1::utomation}} d{{c1::ocuments}} a.k.a. r{{c1::unbooks}} which can be used to control instances or AWS resources. These can work in conjunction with AWS Config.

service-systemsmanager-003; AWS Systems Manager includes a {{c1::run command}} feature to run a given shell command across a fleet of servers.

service-systemsmanager-004; AWS Systems Manager includes a {{c1::patch manager}} to automate patching.

service-systemsmanager-005; AWS Systems Manager includes P{{c1::arameter}} S{{c1::tore}}.

service-systemsmanager-006; AWS Systems Manager is f{{c1::ree}} for AWS infrastructure.

service-systemsmanager-007; AWS Systems Manager supports hybrid activations by installing the agent on {{c1::on-prem}} infrastructure.

service-systemsmanager-008; AWS Systems Manager includes S{{c1::ession}} M{{c1::anager}} to manage SSH keys.

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