Belgian cum guzzler

I was at a bar you would consider "rock-ish"

This hot girl in a emerald green dress passes by me and I step in front of her, we were walking fast in opposite directions so it was a bit intrusive, but she stops and smiles. She was very overdressed for the setting we were in so I had already assumed she was a tourist.

We talk a bit, she's from Belgium. We were in everyone's way so we went in a clearer area by the bar.

Don't remember what we talked about, but she was very flirty and very sexual. I wanted to fuck this girl properly so I remember telling to myself I wouldn't try to push too hard and go for the kill in the bathroom or somewhere stupid

She had the lips of an expert cocksucker and smelled like sex. I'm an ass guy, but she had both tits and ass. Her breasts were perfectly contoured by her silk like fabric dress.

By the end of the night, I got her Facebook contact and we left it at that.

I think she was in my city for about a month, and a few days later we agree to meet up. I go pick her up at the subway station in the Jetta. We ended up going to a popular simple & humble restaurant and she told me she wanted to fuck me because I looked like Robert Pattinson. Fine by me I thought.

I was in no rush to have sex but it seemed she was...We go back to the car, and as we open the doors she tells me:

  • "I want to fuck you now"

Her english wasn't perfect so I assumed she did not want to waste time practicing it either and cut through the bullshit. So I drive up to my usual isolated spot overlooking the city for some car sex.

We go to the back of the car through the 2 front seats, and we start kissing passionately. My hand yanks down her pantyhose and wraps around her panties to touch her warm soaking pussy and she moans.

She asks me

  • "Is it big?"
  • "Find out"

She was putting up some resistance and acting as if she was hesitating, I grab her hand and have her rub my hard dick through my pants. I was a bit inexperienced at the time and not that good at taking clues haha...Looking back I just had to pull my dick out

I pull it out as I'm lying on the back seat and she's on top of me ready to suck. She says she loves my big dick and starts sucking it.

I hadn't fully started to appreciate blowjobs back then, I wanted to be deep inside this girl. I pull out a condom and slide it on as I push her down and come behind her to see her nice ready holes, pantyhose and panties to her knees and dress flipped above her ass.

It went in like I was pushing it through warm butter and I give it to her, she came in less than 30 seconds

  • "Im so wet, im so wet...I came" as if she was surprised

We switch position, she is sitting on the back seat legs rested on my shoulders and taking it deep. This girl was great at cumming, she came again after like 5 minutes of penetration.

I wanted to fill her mouth.

I take off the condom:

  • "more suck" I say

She sucks me fiercly for 10 minutes. Again I can't cum, I was upset

check out post Wish I could cum in 30 seconds for more about cumming issues

She tells me she LOVES the feeling of cum dripping down her throat as she swallows, I was almost feeling some pressure lol

After I stroked myself for 5-10 minutes, I tell her to come back over to get her dessert. Her mouth met with my dick the second I squirted out and she drew all of it with so much suction I must have pull everything out of my balls that night.

I gave her a ride home and never saw her again.

I'd say she was properly depraved and so was I...
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