Tasting Coffee Module - Process

Refactor this into my own tasting sop.

  1. Identify the people involved:
  2. Coffee prepaper. This person will not be involved in the tasting itself.
  3. Tasters - Charlie, Stephen, Regulars and Guests
  4. Social media

  5. Gather the coffees involved:

  6. Get information from Stephen before the tasting.

  7. Get information from Charlie on beans and roast levels before the tasting.

  8. Give the coffees code names.

  9. Give the novice tasters instructions on how to taste.

  10. https://bluebottlecoffee.com/frequency/beginner-s-guide-to-coffee-tasting

  11. https://www.sweetmarias.com/Cupping.pdf

  12. Gather the required materials.

  13. Tools for making the coffee

    • Retaining glass x4
    • French press x4
    • Aeropress x4
    • Pour-over x4
    • Scales x4
    • Grinder
    • Cups x12 (so we're not waiting until dishes are washed)
  14. Code name cards

  15. Note cards for tasting

  16. Coordinate the tasting.

  17. The date and time of the tasting

    • Note taking materials
    • Cleanup
  18. The methods of preparation

    • The first cups - by French Press
    • The second cups - by Pourover.
    • The third cups - by Aeropress

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