New Note 1

Ah - this is how it works

Perhaps this is an OK blog tool for $38/year.

It is auto saving, but also says it is offline. How is that working?1

This is a title

This is a smaller one

can it get smaller

I don't know

OK, we have done all that we can do for now.

This seems to support markdown as a matter of course. The dementors are gliding ever closer.

  1. This is a footnote 

This is note #2

How would these notes link to each other.


This is the thing that we need to think about. Is this an electron app?

How can I publish this?

Can I add pictures here? That is a good questions and we do not know if this will work or not. This is not doing well for images. how about references.

Can we add an image?

  • This is markdown

how does this render

This is a markdown link

That is good.
Not sure about images.

Where are the Horcruxes:

  1. The ring in the shack
  2. The locket in the lake
  3. Goblet in the bank
  4. Tiara in Hogwarts
  5. Nagimi the snake
  6. The journal of Tom Riddle
  7. Harry himself