Inspired Book Notes

A good product leader is strong in four key competencies

  • Team Development
  • Product Vision
  • Execution
  • Product Culture

Team Development

Make recruiting, training, and coaching top prioirity

We need a product visionary on the team. I may be able to fill that role, but I'll need more skills to learn how to do it well.


  • Expert on modern forms of:
    • Product planning
    • Product discovery
    • product development process

Be able to inspire and motivate the company and get everyone moving in the same direction


Develop a culture where everyone understands rapid testing and learning. Make mistakes quickly and mitigate risk. respect and value designers and engineers. understand power of a omtivated product team.

Look for someone who has a strong tech background and an understanding of the economics of business and market

Work well on a personal level with CEO and CTO. make sure the role includes a long dinner.

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