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Pax transhumanity

4 spheres
3 step on each spheres
each sphere as idea, or market cards
price from 0-5

current regime
splay (color=dicipline = patents)

draw deck, idea + 4 tipping point card + one last card

Player mat (player aid, track order, money)

  • finance agents (capital, wealth and dept), one meney per step
  • think tank stack (research department, current idea is on top)
  • circled are potential companies
  • agents can be moved to employee, patents and syndication


May get points on:

  • companies on barrier
  • problem solve idea chits
  • agent in the splay (future shoks)

How to pay

  • Put one cube down
  • Spend patent, each cube on patent worth numbert of card in the splay of the same color, divest the cube in wealth, no change.

Actions (2 per turn)

  1. fund raising
    • divest, return any agent on idea, on sphere or on patent to the wealth box (all except black and white heat)
    • capital to wealth = dept to wealth
    • all wealth to capital
  2. import, move one card anywhere (free spot) whithout oponent cube.
  3. hire
    • free action on your company (still cost money)
    • Move agent (top box) as an employee in a sphere
      • any barrier or square (utility) or any company
    • cost 3
  4. syndicate (get special ability of the box)
    • pay market cost (double if already syndicated)
    • take agent from upper most box and place on the card
      • if white heat, must cover with agent
      • if black heat, may cover with agent
    • if surge icon, can syndicate in same column above with surge color for free (free action and money)
  5. placading heat
    • divest a sigle heat to wealth box
  6. research (lowest card of a sphere, does not need to be syndicated)
    • must have employee on thinker side of the sphere (column)
    • cost is the number of visible barrier or double if not subsidize (subvention)
      • subsidize
        • if current regime tell
        • if employee in any player company
        • come from utility (square) box
    • put worker (thinker) one arrow down (free box)
    • take bottom most card, divest all workers on it
    • remove card, lower all cards and refill all sapce in the sphere (only way to refill idea)
    • do one of 3 options
      • if no other player on it, can think tank (have hability of latest in tt)
      • if not come from utility, can patent, 0,1 or 2 of the color(s)
      • else, discard
    • think tank make color pair viable for commercialization and keep hability
  7. commercialize (must have syndicated the idea, idea must be viable)
    • viable (or)
      • colors is in the splay (no payment)
      • top card of the think tank have same color as the card we want to comm (replace the card as a payment)
      • patents of each color (pay 2 patents cubes to wealth)
    • pay the barier cost or double if not subsidize
    • worker (maker) down one arrow
    • trigger the impacts top to bottom
    • put the card in the splay in any color of the card, black & white heat stay on the card (future shock, there for the rest of the game (only impact can remove them))
    • if worker not come from utility, put syndicated as patents of the choosen color


  • 2 same color in last 3, change regime

Game end

  • One of the tipping card is comm before the card goes in the splay
  • phase regime score
    • 2 points for each company in the dominant sphere
    • one point per problem and company of the choosen colot at the end of the game
  • singularity


  • Turn 1 : hire Trainer
  • Turn 2 : play Trainer, hire Marketing Trainee and train him to Campaign Manager (First to Train)
  • Turn 3 : play Trainer, hire Kitchen Trainee, train Campaign Manager to Brand Manager
  • Turn 4 : play Trainer + Kitchen Trainee + Brand Manager, hire Errand Boy and train him to Cart Operator, 1 turn 1-3 houses airplane advertising burger or pizza (First Airplane, First Burger/Pizza Marketed, First Burger/Pizza Produced)
  • Turn 5 : play Trainer + Cart Operator + Pizza/Burger Cook, hire Trainer, train Brand Manager to Brand Director (First Cart Operator)
  • Turn 6 : play Trainer + Trainer + Brand Director, train Cook to Chef, recruiting + second training are free (First Radio)
  • I've explored 2 possible routes from here : ** Get the Zeplin for maximum flexibility ** Get the Luxury Manager for maximum profit Whatever the case, the 100$ milestone should be obtained on turn 7.