Mission Vision Purpose Statement

MY VISION: A world free from aggression / coercion of adults AND children! A world united in the pursuit of peace and freedom, and where all children are loved.

MY PURPOSE: To inspire people to seek peace, joy, love and trust in themselves and their families, and to fight for equal rights for children. To remind and educate people of the brilliance, vulnerability, and love that we all knew and to protect it now. 


  • To study and model a more caring approach with kids. Its where I come alive and am at my best, I naturally inspire people there.
  • To model an approach through simplicity and clarity.
  • To know the most important messages and communicate them with excellence.
  • To develope my coaching skills, which are effective, respectful, and therapeutic.
  • To put myself around people playing at a higher level.
  • To serve powerful people by reminding them just how powerful they are, and leading by example.
  • By being Engaged, Confident, and Joyful.
  • By being vulnerable and offering my history as a lesson in powerlessness and limiting beliefs.
  • By embracing the child mindset: courageous, curious, and passionate.
  • I reach out to people and love them.
  • I stay grounded in Today’s work, and think of each day as another chance at the today-game.
  • I design the game and set the conditions for success.
  • I "think globally".
  • I Contribute to the field of communication with children.

Specifically, right now, I will bring together, or find and synergize with, a group of people dedicated to helping parents through video. I will find the experts and apprentice With them.

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