In the year of 2020, when everything is cancelled, what needs to be done to ensure non-violent solutions take root in the coming months?

In the year of 2020, when everything is cancelled, what needs to be done to ensure non-violent solutions take root in the coming months?

2020 started off like any other new year, nothing like what had been promised in the previous decade but definitely optimistic. Elections around the world had been happening in the last 24 months and the US Presidential Elections had come to their final stretch until something so simple and overlooked got in the way, the people. Unbeknownst to many was a mysterious and hazy figure in the background that would soon take centerstage.

The People would take centerstage in 2020. Concerns had been swept under the national rug for years about the economy, future of work, living wages until it all just stopped. We have entered into a global unity in the last 90 days that has been unknown to the human species since the last Ice Age.

The time we are in is extremely precious. The economic systems and institutional power structures that are in place are reeling from the new normal that is intentionally disconnected, remote and invisible. This is a difficult time to be a public official in government because of the impact and reach of every decision is closely monitored. Yet, it is not the governments jobs to enforce norms, that falls to society.

So when it becomes acceptable to boot everyone out of a country for quarantine sanity or shuffle a local or small business, the ripple effects are large and affect us all.

Violence in systems becomes apparent when we begin to believe in singular solutions and ideas. Factions emerge and the public knowing begins to erode trust until official mandates and directives support or divide progress.

When it comes to living in fractured systems, it is important to know that your experience is not alone and it is whole unto itself.
We are the change agents that we’ve been seeking and we must hold each other accountable to promote what will harms the least in the spirit of non-violence.

“One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, Mohandas Ganhi in India, Nelson Mandela in South Africa are examples of people standing up with courage and non-violence to bring about needed changes.” -Jack Canfield

Note 157

Testing 2/6/20 9:25 EST (-5 UTC)

Day 1: The People Watch

A crowded station at the heart of the Union.
People peopling.
Babies babying.
The stuff we carry that follows us.

Workers working.
Phone calls.
People unabashedly sticking to their own worlds.

The unconcerned become the unencumbered.
Wake up with a coffee sip instead of a skinny dip.
Whatever happened to Folgers in your cup.

Statuesque men in suits with no shining armor.
Phone addiction, screen addiction, google addiction with google art on addiction.

It’s not meant to be gloom but a reflection on how we consume.
How do you believe when you don’t question what’s going on?

Open books read by closed faces. Eyes tell you all you need to know.

Blue bottles.
The Sunlight models a day yet ahead.
New beginnings are built in proper endings.
Ramblings like a quilt.

Stay close and stay connected and that’s all she wrote.