Day 1: The People Watch

A crowded station at the heart of the Union.
People peopling.
Babies babying.
The stuff we carry that follows us.

Workers working.
Phone calls.
People unabashedly sticking to their own worlds.

The unconcerned become the unencumbered.
Wake up with a coffee sip instead of a skinny dip.
Whatever happened to Folgers in your cup.

Statuesque men in suits with no shining armor.
Phone addiction, screen addiction, google addiction with google art on addiction.

It’s not meant to be gloom but a reflection on how we consume.
How do you believe when you don’t question what’s going on?

Open books read by closed faces. Eyes tell you all you need to know.

Blue bottles.
The Sunlight models a day yet ahead.
New beginnings are built in proper endings.
Ramblings like a quilt.

Stay close and stay connected and that’s all she wrote.

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