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Indian Judiciary and transparency

Court of law is not subjective to sympathy or empathy. The iconic image of justice shows a blind folded angel with the balance. The perspective of the judge should not play any role in the delivery of justice, it's just about the admissible facts and its presentations. The character of the victim does not undermine the seriousness of crime committed against that person. All crimes are accusations until proved otherwise in a court of law. So why the honorable CJI is citing the background of the alleged victim in a case where he is the prime accused even before the trial has began. Honorable CJI has the same privilege entitled to every other citizen of this country to defend his case nothing more nothing less. The concern is how this case is prioritized than any other case before the court of law. We need something to end this prioritization, this is the reason why cases of ordinary citizen's remains on the desk for decades and VIP cases gets the immediate schedules of court.

There was press briefing by top judges on lack of freedom of expression or the suppression of it, but nobody has came forward on improving the case scheduling process. Anyway their major argument was related to the scheduling and constitution of a bench on a specific case. Not going in to the merits of that case.

All are hypocrites when implementing a good governance moves takes something out of their comfort zone. Same applies to me.

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