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Pluralistic Society and Religions

From the eyes of an average Indian who have some knowledge in the various religious cultures with whom he shares his space of living both physically and intellectually to some extent, it seems pretty obvious that the Semitic religions lack the idea of pluralism at their core.

One can always argue based on quotes from here and there cited in many religious books that theirs is a truly pluralistic religion. Such claims are mostly made by leaders both political or spiritual in the so called secular countries. For them secularism is a way to conceal their aggressive nature to engulf a culture and shape it the way they wants it. Almost all the religions are born with or have later acquired an idea, that they need to spread across. I attribute it to be acquired from nature, where everything is given a sense of existence. The sense of existence justifies its actions. Every creature in this observable universe have some defense and offence mechanisms against the threats to their existence.

Religions have tweaked this sense and heightened this sense to its peak. Some religious have really excelled in this.

I would say religions are for the mentally weak and is a bunch of insecure people prying on each other.

Hope technology one day breaks this chains by opening the limitless possibilities of existence of the self without bothering about the other.

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