The Mind

I typed this note while watching a YouTube video that was 13-minute long.

I realized that I could not sit down and concentrate on reading or watching videos. I tried meditation and went on a streak for more than 30+ days. It got me excited about training the “monkey brain” to be still.

The video I was watching was on the topic of organizing your thoughts, by Nathaniel Drew.

In the video, he talked about freeing the cluttered mind (RAM) to a hard disk (journal/notes). You need to come up with systems or tools to organize your thoughts and how to manage them.

Write It Down

If you had an idea, it could be a genius one. Write it down. Write everything down. Our brain can only store that much information. We need to free up space in our brain.

Get used to using to-do lists or calendar. Store random ideas somewhere like a note or journal. Whichever tool you want to use should make it easy for you to record your thoughts.

Nathaniel has a journal for writing gibberish that were occupying his attention. Introduced by Tim Ferris, it is for our “monkey brain” to go crazy. Write about anything.


Why? Keep asking yourself why. Figure out the core. Writing and editing is of upmost importance.

Reduce Your Stimulus

Physical and digital spaces have huge impact on how clear you're able to think. Nathaniel thinks that a cluttered space equates to unfinished tasks. Things that can pull away his attention or pull him off in other directions.

Create an environment for you to do your best work.

I need to organize the thoughts from my brain better.

I have notes written here. I have notes placed in Notion to organize them better. It's time for a change.

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