Fuck the UK government

Here is a quote from this BBC news article:

The government said its plan would:

  • Review guidance on 20mph speed limits in England, to prevent their use in "areas where it's not appropriate"
  • "Amend guidance" on LTNs "to focus on local consent", and weigh public support for those already introduced
  • Stop councils implementing "15-minute cities", where essential amenities are always within a 15-minute walk
  • Seek to reduce the hours where cars are banned from bus lanes
  • Target "overzealous" enforcement of parking
  • Consult on extending fines for disruptive street repairs which run into weekends

[My emphasis.]

This is not some hyperbolic misinterpretation. It comes from this Department of Transport announcement. Here's a quote from that:

As part of the ongoing review into low traffic neighbourhoods, the government will also consider measures for existing anti-driver policies that did not secure local consent. The plans also aim to stop councils implementing so called ‘15-minute cities’, by consulting on ways to prevent schemes which aggressively restrict where people can drive.

[Internet archive copy, in case they try to lie about it.]

Read that again: They want to stop people implementing schemes where essential amenities are always within a 15-minute walk. They want to make essential services harder for people to access by making them further away.

You know what? Fuck these people. If you meet anyone involved in the government, spit on them, because they are nothing but an evil, stupid fuck who is actively trying to make life worse for the people of the UK. The UK government is now a fucking geriatric death cult.

I mean, seriously these people need to just fuck all the way off.

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