Hello world!

Well, this is it.

Not only I knew, but I can now see it.

My birth certificate shows that's I am 40 y/o, however I am stucked somewhere else in my past; somewhere in my 15's.

I was not believing it when I was told, once, over 15 years ago, but today I see it and I wonder why no one else could.

With all the specialists I saw in my life, I wonder why, only once in my life, only one persone thought about this possibility and no one else did.

I do not know exactly why, but since 15, I am stucked in a bubble, a world that I do not want to leave, even if I really want it.

I think I was 25 at the time, when a psychiatrist at an ER told me « I am not sure it is all related physically to the brain. Yes, something's strange and it looks like a mental illness, but also a state on mind. It looks like you are stucked at 15 and something do not want you to leave. It can be voluntary or unconscious, it needs more time to know this. I will submit your case and blablabla news somewhere between 6 and 36 months... blablabla... etc... ». Obviously, I never had news.

Althought, 15 years had passed since and I saw many specialists. Most of them gave me a pill to sleep and sent me back home; others just sent me back home.

But I see it now. It took a while, because, quite frankly, I totally forgot about this, but... ... ..what's the say.. . ... never late then better?

My birth certificate shows I am 40 y/o. However, everything else show otherwise...


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