« Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away » but they do not. They stick at me to be sure they are the closest they can. Actually, I woke up at 3:30 this morning, after a bad dream about one of my "problems".

Yesterday was fuckin' sunday, another boring day. Today it is fuckin' monday. I hate them for over 30 years now.

I feel dirty, like a trash bag lost under the snow for six months.

Summer shows up once in a while here. Yesterday was one of those days. It was feeling 28°C outside with a big shiny sun, water level also dropped in the rivers around and make it easier for fishing.. not interested. Like a teen, bored and does not want to cheer up.

I watched streams on Twitch, visited the balcony when time to smoke a cigarette, I took a walk a the convenience store because I needed milk for my coffees and that's about it.

I used to take my Mustang - my car, Besta I named it - remove the top and go for rides. Most of the time I was doing this alone.

Yes, I had a beautiful convertible car, a grand tour model, but I was not pretencious to a point I would call someone and ask to come with me for a ride. I was doing this when someone previously told me to let him/her know the next time it happens.

Cell phone off, music at maximum level, big air, sun, my hat: catch me if you need me! I am gone!

My golf clubs had their steady place in the trunk. Sometimes I was stopping somewhere to play a game, sometimes in a driving ranch, where I could spent two, three hours swinging my clubs and practicing my shots.

My fishing rods were also in the trunk.. just in case!

Besta is gone. Yup, I sold it nearly tree years ago to go back to school, telling myself I will get a new one after. Tree other BiG mistakes I have made.

Okay, where am I going with this? I do not know; I do not have a clue why I wrote this today. But, is it really a requirement? Odds are in favor of the "Yes" party here. I donot care about the odds: I beat them.

Well, thanks for passing by, reading, subscribing to the news letter, etc...

..and have a good fuckin' monday... Heeee no: HAVE A FUCKiN' GOOD MONDAY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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