..looks like a hard thing to do. Mostly by people who wants it, who request it.

I finally found a way to go at this special place and come back home every day, which is important because I own animals and I can not trust anybody to take care of them. Nobody can not be trusted.

We have rules to follow there. They are simple rules and basically, it is saying: be respectful.

There is a trans with us here. I do not care about his choice, it is not mine and quite frankly, I know trans people and they are not different then anybody else.

BUT, do not play the victim game. Do not say that we do not like you and we just want you out because you are a trans. We do not like you and we all complaint because you do not respect us. I do not like you because you do not respect me and the house helping me.

You do not respect me when you take over the only bathroom in the place for HOURS. No kidding: SiX HOURS in the bathroom in the last thirty-six hours. WHAT THE FUCK??

What can you fucking do for SiX HOURS in a fucking bathroom? The worst thing is: iT STINKS after that.. you think it will at least smells good but no. iT STiNKS and, not only in the bathroom, it smells in the entire place.

Now, imagine: we are height persons here. So seven persons can not take their shower on time, every day, like it is requested by the rules to follow, if they are not up before seven thirty in the morning or if they do not do it before height in the night.. REALLY?

You do not respect me when I am talking with someone, in a calm and cool ambiance and then you come, yelling, asking stupid questions, without even saying "Good morning" or "Hi", screwing up the conversation and go.

You do not respect me when I am doing my duty of the day and you come around only giving me hard times with what I have to do, turning around the table while I am placing the plates and stuff we need.

You do not respect me when you arrive from nowhere, yelling and playing your boring "super dooper explicit" hip hop music (like you call it) playing on your cheap cellular phone, volume at maximum, when I explained you many times (and the staff also did it) that my right ear can not support high frequencies and it is giving me a headache.

« you complaint, you hate me because I am a trans! ». NO, I do not like you because you play a game and you do not give a fuck about me. So I do not give a fuck about you, that's all.

And after this you REQUEST respect from me? HmmMMMmmm.. where is that "fuck you" emote again..


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