So I called the contract..

..I needed clear explanations about details in a service contract. Sooooo I called customer service, people who are paid to tell us all the catches of these contracts we sign without really reading them or looking at them.

For twenty-five minutes I had a discussion about suspending my service and save a bit of money.

I worked for the company for years in the beginning of the twenty-first century. I know how bitch they are.

Everything looks good and it looks like my contract authorises me to suspend my service and pay twenty dollars per month, instead of sixty, no break of contract. The contract will be suspended and will be extended for the amount of months I suspended my service. NiiiiiCE!

Let's do it...

..but, when my next bill is released.. SURPRiiiiiiiiSE!!! Fully charged!?

So call back at the CS and then I am told that my contract allows me to suspend my service BUT it says clearly in it that the plans will be fully charged.

Remember: I spent twenty-five minutes with an agent, telling the person, at the beginning, middle and end of the call I had a service contract on my account.

As the assholes they are, these agents are not even in the country. The only answer they have is: I do not give a fuck.

Well, the fuck you will give from now.. giving wrong informations and over charge a bill is criminal in Canada. It is a fraud and you can be Bell, you are not above the law.

Oh, and, just, BY THE WAY, in november 2018, when I was hospitalised, after a third suicide attemp, in a mental healt institute, I had to tell them my situation so I can make a deal to pay my bills so I can keep my only way of communication in case of emergency.. THE MiSTAKE!! It becomes their prefered weapon.

Bell, Let's Talk about how really you soooo support mental healt, once a year, and use a scourge, a plague of a generation as a big tax evasion, supported by all what so called prime ministers in the country.. wanna talk Bell?

Anyway, they are only uneducated morrocans, very far away from here, knowing nothing about what they are doing so do not ask them about life, good or evil or even Canada. They do not give a shit about us, but our moneyis very nice to spend in an economy that is not canadian.. just saying.

A chance we have protection against criminals.


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