Respect.. part 2...

« Go away, I am talking on the phone and it does not concern you » - Crazy Bitch, 8:00am.

I am getting out of the house, on the gallery, so I can smoke a cigarette...

This is where, BY THE WAY, all the ashtrays and smokers necessities are..

And, remembering the rules I have read and followed since nine days now, this is where we have to go to smoke..

..because everything is there to smoke and keep the place clean.

HOWEVER, the same rules I have read FORBID to talk on your cellphone anywhere in the house EXCEPT in the designated rooms and areas.

The gallery iS NOT a designated room or area to use your FUCKiNG cellphone.

It is the designated area for smokers.

..soooooo, GO FUCK YOURSELF BiTCH! FOLLOW the rules OR GET THE FUCK OUT.. or you will be kicked out.. iF, AT LEAST, you've asked, with a "please", somewhere but no.. i DON'T HAVE ORDERS TO RECEiVE FROM YOU.

« I am a peace and love ».. MY ASS!

WAKE UP! Ok, back. Reality now.

My world is perfect, but it is not the world I am living in.. but was cool to think for a second!

Crazy all the ideas that pass in this small lap of time.

Sit back, breath, think, evacuate in a good way, and at 10:12pm, I am writ this, saying I had a very good day!


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