So.. looks like I am ok..

..with the state of mind I had when I entered this place, my reactions were normal.. sort of.

Normal in the way that I had so much frustrations inside me that was the only way I could react.

I worked hard this past few days to eliminate these frustrations, this rage inside me, making me react like I was.

I still have small frustrations coming back like flashes. I can see it, my reactions are less aggressive then before. I can control myself and think before saying or doing something.

No, I am not healed. I feel better for sure and it is easier each day to understand my feelings and gage them.

So I will continue to work hard, so I can continue to grow, to mature and stop being a fifteen years old kid.

A chance I can start looking for outside help before I am out of here. My time is about to end here and, I like the place, but I will do all that I can to not coming back again, except to show them that the time they invested in me was not a lost of time.


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