My time is over... it a good or a bad thing? It is a good thing all the way.

A good thing because: FiNALLY, I get out of a place and I feel very different then any other places I visited before; sometimes for twice the time I spent there.

A good thing because: I worked with genius people, very simple social workers, but who did a much better job then any psychiatrist in the last ten years.

A good thing because: I did go forward with an efficient strategy, planned by this team of underestimated people.

A good thing because: I did something for me and people saying they were ready to help me, did help me achieve this goal.

A good thing because: Now, I know; I know mental disorder is existing inside me, but I can manage it better without powerfull drugs.

A good thing because: My time was done there. I took everything the I could and needed for now.

A good thing because: if I need, I can submit a request to be admitted once again.

The only thing I am worry about is the follow up on all that I have done, since two weeks, from now. I placed calls, files were opened and submitted, reports were prepared, ..but, on a waiting list for now.

Let see how it goes..


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