You did not <something> because of me..



I do not do stuff the same way I do stuff..

I do stuff if I WANT to..

I do not do stuff if I DO NOT WANT to..

But everything that I do is based on me..

Okay, I admit, my animal has a big influence on how I can do some of this stuff..

However, it does not take the final decision..

I do..

As I wish..

And, believe me, you are not the center of the world, of my world.

I am the center of my world.

Not you.

So I did not go back before you left, because I was not able to be there before I was.

I did not care if you would be there or not.

I only did care about me.

Like I have learned there.

You were there before me and you left the day after me. Did you learned something?


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