LA CAPiTALE : Sold out!

November 2018

-Hello, La Capitale.. I would like to suspend my contract for my car insurances.
-Okay, why exactly?
-I am hospitalised for an undetermined time and I will not be able to make the monthly paiement for the next months. My next payment is due on the 20th - in 4 or 5 days if I remember - can you stop everything there?
-Yes I can see to do this..
-It is temporary. When I will be out of here and able to to make the payments, I will contact you back and we can reactivate this one or a new one
-Reactivating, maybe not, but make a new one, for sure..
-Ok, can you suspend it? Can it be done?
-Ok, do it for next billing date, the balance should be 0.00$.
-Yes.. let me check this.. yes.. well sounds good. More simple.
-Ok good. Thanks. By the way, I am not home so you can only join me on my cellphone or by email if there is anything. I have a voicemail on my cellphone.
-Balance will be at 0.00$. A letter will be sent to confirm the end of the contract. I do not see why we should have to call you but okay..

<1 months later..>

Letter received, confirming end of the contract and asking to some back soon.. no bill found.

<1 months later..>

Letter received, PLEASE!!! come back soon.. no bill found.

<4 months passsed..>

I received letters from LA CAPiTALE since. After 2 letters saying the same thing, you know what it SHOULD BE.

Not always at home, not having anytning to worry about BECAUSE I told them how to join me, I let the letters accumulate with all the others.

I received a thirthy-two dollars and some change bill from a collection agency this week, seven months later. Looks like a balance of 7$ was left on my account. LA CAPiTALE tried to communicate with me.. many times they have said.. they have sent.. LETTERS! You know, letters? These piece of papers we sent by mail.. no, not by email, by MAiL.. yes, by mail man.. oups mail woman, sorry. okay.. where were we..



« We have sent letters sir.. »

In all your promos, you talk about how it is soooooo easy to manage all your stuff from the Internet, BUT YOU CAN'T PLACE A FUCKiNG CALL OR SEND A FUCKiNG EMAiL? WHY THE FUCK i CONFiRM MY EMAiL EACH TiME i CALL YOU?

I remember, I told the agent I was only reachable on my cellphone..

« there is no note about this sir. Only that you wanted to cancel your contract with us. »

Of couuuuuurse it is not noted.. OF COUUUUUURSE..

So I was struck off for nonpayment and I am now on the red list for the next 3 years, because a fucking migrant did not listen what I was saying. That asshole was probably not even in my country. That habit from foreign workers can become dangerous.. who knows?!

Laughing My Fucking Ass Off Fucking Out Loud!


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