maybe I did go too far..

..I tried my best. I think I failed.

This morning, I received a sort of command during a discussion: « you will take this in your appartment, because I said so. »

My mom talked about a piece of furniture of a mid-high value (five hundreds to a thousand dollars) that she needs to move from the house she is renting and she do not have any place to store it in her appartment (4½ she occupies alone) until it is sold. Her and her ex-boyfirend - that I do not really like - tried to sale it online, without success for now.

The next thing I know, dead line is this weekend and I, by miracle, have a free room in my appartment*

*The reason why the room is free is because I need it like this to temporary store my furnitures when I will paint et decorate the place. The only thing I need to do it is paint. I can not have it for now, because we have other things to pay around for the building maintenance and it still can wait for a bit.

After rethinking what just happened, I realised what just happened. Manipulation.

So, I have said yes by default, but I have warned my mom about this BEFORE SHE BRiNGS iT iN:

  1. Not to store permanently,
  2. I do not take care of the saling part, this is your business, not mine,
  3. You can not just appear here to show it with someone. Please call in advance, "take appointment".
  4. Nobody here when I am not home,
  5. I will not make any exception.

Well, it made her start; I am now crazy, I have a very bad attitude, a big problem, I should go back where I was it was nice the time I was there, she does not ask a lot for help and I refuse it, she is tired of helping me for nothing in return (?), that piece of furniture has a value of a thousand dollars and she can not spit on this, she uses "fuck" and "shit" for adjectives sometimes in between.. the big kit!

I did not yell, swear at her or insult her.. but she did it to me.

It finished I blocked her because her messages was very insulting. I reminded her I was the one having the car today and I was the one picking her up at work, waiting for her to finish to work somewhere during the evening and hoping for her she was in shape to walk back home.. or if she had the gut to take the phone and call me, she can!

OF COUUUUURSE I unblocked her not long after. I have waited for her to disconnect and unblocked her. I will not let her walk from work.. I am bitch, not stupid!

But, I knew it.. she had a plan the whole time.

First, she planned with her ex-boyfriend - that, really, I do not like - to bring it here,
Then, thought maybe I would not be back home for the moving, so I will have nothing to say, but SURPRiiiiSE!
So, she had to find a way so I can not say a word; and she did,
To finish, she intended to use me as her puppet to sale it (show it to interested people when she wants it, accessing my appartment when I am not here with strangers to show it. Be there when they came to get it, ...)

I have an appartment with some stuff in it. Not a lots of stuff, but it is mine and I have enough of my stuff. They (her and him) have a house, the basement is not rented with the house so place available there and also an appartment. Why, my place, is where it needs to be stored? Weird..

So now, her ex-boyfriend - that I do not like, really - should be on his way for here with the furniture. No I am sure she did not call him and if she did, he will not believe her or he will call me before stopping everything. He is not my idol, but he is not stupid also. He knows how is my mom and he will confirm with me that I really cancelled everything at the last minute; which I will not confirm because I did not. I only warned my mom that I knew the plan and I will not be part of it. I can still take it here, but she is warned of how it will work and the consequences is she brokes the rules once.. I will throw all this out faster then it came in.

After all, before writing these lines:

-I was the one cleaning the room to free space to store it (free room, but not necessarely free space).
-I was one waiting here for her ex-boyfriend - did I mentionned I do not really like him? - for the delivery
-I will be the only one here after he is gone, cleaning the place (again) after the tornado passed

I wish I will be faster to get the catch next time and stop it before it is too late.

I save hundreds dollars in rent per month staying here, but I think the price is still too high.


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