I am heartbroken..

..where am I? where are you? where did you sent me? Where I was taken? Please come and get me.

If you can hear me, I am in a place similar then our home. It is also familiar, I recongnize some odors. I think I lived here before.. with someone else.

I am hidding, hoping that all this is a bad dream. I am afraid, terrified. I hope to wake up soon and see you as usual.. but I do not. I woke up twice since and I saw another person. A man that I do not really know nothing about, but looks familiar.. and he is the one taking care of me, like you do usually.

What the fuck is going on? Where are you? Why are you not taking care of me anymore? Am I dreaming?

I am hidding, hoping I will hear your voice calling my name and you will take me back home. There is also that other one in the place.. a male.. another one, who looks familiar.. but I do not know him.

Where are you, you that I know? I do not care about them, I care about you! Please come and take me back home!

I rencently lost a friend. I saw her getting out of the home in your arms and never saw her again. I wonder why you did come back alone this night, but it was not good. I thought she ran away and was lost, so I tried to help her find the way back home.. but she did not came back..

I am hidding, hoping I will smell you odor and wake up of this nightmare.. but I am starting of thinking now, that I lost you. Did I? Please no, come back and take me home, where I, where we belong.

That man, taking care of me, he comes a lots to check on me everyday, telling me how sorry he is about what is happening. What is he talking about? What is this all about?

Please, hear me! I am hidding and I am waiting for you. I am not so far but I can not escape the place and go back at you. Come and take me back home soon!


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