Student x Teacher, fantasy only, within the Harry Potter universe. NSFW. 18+ content.

Hide and Seek

"Miss, what did you say the name was?" An older man went to sit up more straight from his seat, tilting his head with one eyebrow raised, as he waited for the woman in front of him to reply. Despite his uniform and badge indicating he was a police officer, he didn't seem very much like one, groaning softly in annoyance. Police officers were supposed to help their citizens, right? This one clearly hadn't stepped a foot out of the station much, his movements were sluggish and his eyes were dull. T...
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Diary Entry #1: A Reflection of Events

I remember everything. I know you think of obliviating me from time to time. Just taking all the pain away, the hurt. Missing someone is the most painful thing in life, because the pain is silent and everlasting. When someone loses somebody, they just end up with a hole in their heart where that somebody they care about used to be, and there is no way to fill up that hole. There's only distractions from it. The saddest part for me is not just missing my parents, it's knowing they are probably ...
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The first week is always the most difficult

She had her legs pulled up, her arms wrapped around them, curled up into a ball as she lied on the bed of a small dim-lit hotel room. Aside from the soft humming of an old air conditioner, it was completely silent. The sky outside was already dark. He had warned her he was going to be late. She knew she should've been asleep when she heard the front door open slowly, but she was too stubborn to try. She kept her eyes closed and stayed still, her little cheeks red from dried tears. He was trying...
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