The first week is always the most difficult

She had her legs pulled up, her arms wrapped around them, curled up into a ball as she lied on the bed of a small dim-lit hotel room. Aside from the soft humming of an old air conditioner, it was completely silent. The sky outside was already dark.

He had warned her he was going to be late. She knew she should've been asleep when she heard the front door open slowly, but she was too stubborn to try. She kept her eyes closed and stayed still, her little cheeks red from dried tears. He was trying to be quiet, but she could hear him perfectly, turning around to firmly lock the door behind him, removing his shoes and jacket, and then slowly approaching her.

She heard a soft thud, he probably dropped a bag, and then she felt his weight pushing down on the bed, he was sitting next to her now. She knew he was looking at her as he gently stroked her hair, and she held in her breath when she felt him lean forward and kiss her cheek. "You're awake." How could he know that?

She nodded slowly, and before she could do anything else, he raised her head up and firmly held her tight against him. Even though she had been crying, he wasn't worried, his demeanor was very steady and calm. He was no longer afraid of losing her. She dug her face in his chest and took in his scent.

"It's alright, I'm here now, you're safe." His words were quiet and comforting, and she tried to fight back a wave of sobs, not wanting him to see her cry. Her stomach had been acting up all evening, filled with stress and anxiety. "Are you tired?" he whispered to her as he continued caressing her hair, and even though she felt exhausted, she stubbornly shook her head.

He calmly waited, embracing her, until finally he saw her shoulders tremble uncontrollably, seeing a stream of tears go down her face. She kept her eyes closed and didn't say anything, there was no need to, he knew how difficult it was for her leaving all her friends and family behind. He just held her tight, her heart was racing so fast it could have been for hours, and then broke the silence by gently kissing her forehead.

"My sweet girl, you don't realize how strong you are. In spite of all you go through, you refuse to look at the world with harsh and bitter eyes. I am so proud of you." he whispered to her. She felt it then, the inexplicable warmth wash over her. Her heartbeat slowing, calmness overtaking her mind. It was in these moments she knew she had made the right decision and the world made sense. She was a good spirit, energetic and kind, full of life, intelligent and capable, and completely his.

Her sobs slowly came to an end, and he laid her back on the bed, caringly wiping the tears from her cheeks. She didn't move much, keeping her eyes closed, and she still hadn't said anything out loud. She felt his hands tucking at the edges of her white dress, pulling it over her head to reveal her delicate body. Thoughts raced through her mind, but were quickly driven away by the sensation of his lips on her neck, kissing and biting gently, and slowly trailing down.

There was no anxiety, no worry, no single thought in her mind now. She had always felt like she missed something, and she knew this was it. They were like puzzle pieces, two completely different shapes, but fitting together perfectly. She needed him to feel whole, and he needed her. Being together, it was like they were in a bubble. The outside world lived on, while for them, time seemed to be standing still.

A soft sigh escaped her lips when he reached her breasts, and softly caressed them with the palm of his hands, teasing her nipples with his tongue. He could feel her heart beat on his lips. "Please" she murmurred softly, gently spreading her legs, and he chuckled. The taste of her skin was intoxicating and he slowly started feeling his lower instincts taking over, but he had enough control to resist her.

"No, my babygirl. You're exhausted." He was lucky she was too tired to object, besides frowning and balling her fists. "I'll wake you with a nice surprise tomorrow, okay?" He smiled naughty when he looked up at her face and saw her slowly nod, her frown disappearing. Then looking down again, he couldn't help but slide her panties to the side, just to check how wet she was.

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