[13] Maintaining your Ideal State of Mind

Neville Goddard


The Premise

Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. - Steve Jobs

Attitudes of mind represent states of mind

  • A state is an attitude of mind, a state of experience with a body of beliefs which I live by
    • My life experiences are a result of a state of mind
    • There are infinite states of mind; they can be suggested by the external world or they can be affirmed within
  • I can move into any state, but the chances are I will not remain there for a state is made up of a body of beliefs. If I spend the day thinking from a certain base, a certain body of beliefs, the chances are I will fall asleep that night in the same belief. Knowing I can move into another state, another body of beliefs, I may try to move, but I must persist in staying in the new state until it becomes natural
    • Everyday I can evaluate how my beliefs are being externalized based on my own opinions of what I am experiencing when I relate to others, information, environment, etc.
  • There are unnumbered states and the occupant of one state is not better than the occupant of another. But the state, the attitude of mind to which I most constantly return, constitutes my dwelling place

Attitude of the wish fulfilled

  • I must feel my desires are already realized, that they are already true, for the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of certainty that the thought is true
  • I can't condemn myself for the state into which I have fallen. If I don't like it, I must move into another. I cannot feel sorry for myself, for if I do, then I will make the state a habit and remain there for the rest of my days on Earth
    • I may consider it to be difficult to simply change states if I have the preconceived notion that changing states involves a lot of different complex convolutions based steps and processes. The simple choice is that I choose a different state. I recognize that I've fallen in a state and I choose a state of mind
    • I may ask myself what I must do next that would relate to my goal and I just do that thing and my state of mind changes. Or, I recognize that I've fallen into a different state and I say that I recognize it, reality is starting to look different. My experiences with people, environment, circumstance, and information is changing. I then have an inner voice dialogue that brings me into the state

I paid $200 for my first suit. Today, a suit will cost me $2,000, but regardless of the cost, when the suit is new, I am aware of it. But let me wear it long enough for it to feel natural and I will no longer be conscious of it.

  • The same is true for a state. I may desire the state of fame. If I will think I am famous and remain conscious of the state long enough to make it natural, as the thoughts flow from me they become a natural part of my body of beliefs, and the world will proclaim my fame

Reflecting states onto "others"

  • I judge all states with love. If I am ever in doubt always do the loving thing. Then I will know I am doing the right thing
    • If I try to commit to something that I do not love, then I will end up using force where nothing makes sense and I have thus fallen into another state that represents force

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