Descriptive Writing Picture Response Practice

Alone. Not a soul in sight. The air reeked of manure. One donkey walking up the mountains. No villages in close proximity. Landlocked by enormous mountains making me feel like an ant. Numerous objects hang on top of the donkey, impaling his skin. He slowly walks across this beautiful landscape, the sound of gravel can be heard from a mile away, his hooves gently scraping across this rocky plain, the air reeks of loneliness. One sole soldier walking all alone with one sole purpose of carrying goods from one end to another. The crystal clear blue sky, overshadowed by large grey by eerie clouds. This landscape is encased by a prison of mountains surrounding every inch of this majestic place like bees to a bee-hive. The donkey, extremely focused, all outer-world problems are extremely microscopic. The donkey stands strong against the idea of giving up on carrying all these items like a block of titanium. He continues his journey, with no end in sight. Determined to fulfil his purpose.

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