Descriptive Writing (Formative)

Clear skies. The sky is an ocean of blue. The air, fresh like a mint. Standing there to witness this glorious sight. A place like this makes you seem insignificant. Irrelevant. Makes your problems seem futile. The demolished buildings are rich with millennia of history. Two men stand, embracing it all. Standing in the eminence of this beautiful place. This place is something straight out of a fairytale. The air smells like heaven. The presence of God is felt. The air tastes of paradise and history. The rubble and destruction tells a tale of an ancient civilisation that built this amazing monument. The speech between many people can be heard, echoing through the walls of the scene. The vegetation is slowly dying. The fence, as green as a forest, restricts anyone from entering. Denying passage. SIx mountainous pillars hold the place together like Two men stand at the greatness of all of this. Breathing it in, listening to the way the wind slowly brushed up against the trees, watching as the clouds gradually passed by them, feeling the touch of a greater presence, getting a taste of history right before them. At this point the entire universe revolves around them. The men slowly walk up the stairs, and with each step feel closer to their final destination. Salvation. The sunlight dancing upon their skin, enlightening their way ahead. Guiding them through any challenges they may or may not face. The clouds shadowing over them, protecting them from the eyes of evil. The stairs are strong like a block of Iron. Carrying the people, leading them, allowing passage to the end.

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