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A beautiful blue sky with distant clouds. A tower of large stature can be seen far away, across the horizon. Green. Surrounded by prospering vegetation and farmlands all around. Peace and Tranquility in the air. Suddenly a portal opens up in the sky and two objects of small stature fall to the ground.


(Amit slowly gets up to witness this glorious land)

Amit: Huh? Where am I? What is this? Kids! Kids!

Jennifer: Excuse me, who are you? Do you know where we are?

Amit: No clue. Have you seen my children? I have 2 tiny, beautiful children. Kids!

Jennifer: Don’t worry I’m sure they’re safe. Did we just… Fall out of the sky? This makes no sense. Where are we?

(Amit has no patience and is desperate to get back to his family, he is infuriated by things that are outside the grasp of his knowledge)

Amit: I do not have time for these trivial matters! I need to get home! My family is waiting for me, so unless you have the slightest notion of where we are or what just happened I suggest you stop wasting my time!

Jennifer: Sir, I understand you are furious, however, we are in uncharted territory here. I don’t know about you but I feel like surviving in this strange place and the only way that’s going to happen is if we both calm down and start working together to try and figure out what on earth has just happened.

(Amit takes a deep breath in and slowly exhales, He calms himself down)

Amit: You are right, I apologise. What do you suggest we do?

Jennifer: Right now, the most important thing is survival. (Jennifer glimpses in the distance and is able to see some form of tower) There! There seems to be a village, we can get there and question people.

Amit: Makes sense. (Amit is a man of knowledge so when something happens outside his control or outside of his knowledge he becomes very inquisitive and starts investigating the situation) What was the last thing you remember?

Jennifer: Not much… I remember feeling sick so this bus driver offered me some Tylenol.

Amit: Strange…

Jennifer: How so?

Amit: The last thing I remember is working at the hospital when suddenly I felt extremely sick. I consumed many various different medicines to help treat whatever sickness I had at the time but none of them took effect, when out of the blue, this strange man approached me and offered me what he called “Brain Medicine.” After this I felt at ease and I can only assume I fell asleep as I don’t remember what happened after that.

Jennifer: You don't think…

On the road ahead a mysterious figure slowly approaches them. He seems like an old man. Little do Jennifer and Amit know they have met this man before. Trouble approaches…

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