Thursday, Jun 6, 2024 at 4:00 a.m. || Day 0 || Picking up the gambit


  • What was done
  • Why it was done
  • Goal for next session
  • Success?

What was done

  • Progressed from page 43 to 88 in The Flutter Complete Reference 2.0
  • Setup a proper email for the project for seperation
  • Securing and setting up 2FA for the account

Why it was done

  • Dart is an unfamiliar language and I need to learn it so that I can manage it properly
  • I don't currently want stuff mixed into my primary email and alias's handily fix that issue
  • I should properly secure my stuff

Goal for next session

  • Get to Page 120 for next session on the book


  • Still alot left for the day. We shall see

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